Will Your Sex Dolls Look Exactly Like in Official Pictures?

I believe every sex doll buyer must want to know whether your chosen sex dolls look like in the official pictures. It’s impossible that they look the same. No matter what products they sell, manufacturers and suppliers want their product photos to look beautiful and natural. Good-looking photos can attract more buyers. Before taking pictures of the doll, professionals will wipe the sex doll’s body, comb her hair, perfect her makeup and let her pose naturally. Photos taken by skilled photographers will be carefully selected, edited and retouched. Finally, these selected photos will be uploaded to the store as official photos. Beautiful pictures may cheat many customers. Therefore, before buying your favorite sex dolls, you’d better ask the customer service to send you the factory photos. You can also watch videos of sex dolls on the supplier’s social media account. If you are not completely satisfied with the appearance of your love doll in the factory photos, please be sure to let your supplier know. A good supplier will not ship your sex doll without your approval. In truth, the difference between the real object and the photos also depends on the manufacturer and brand.

Let’s show you some factory pictures from different brands.

Irontech Doll 158cm with S19 Head Full Silicone Doll

Irontech Doll 163cm Plus Julia Full TPE Doll

SE Doll 168cm Luis Full TPE Doll

Linkooer Doll 170cm Umi Full Silicone Doll

Linkooer Doll 170cm Sora Full TPE Doll

In these 3 brands, full silicone sex dolls look more similar in the official photos than full TPE sex dolls.

As long as you order from a trusted vendor, the sex dolls you receive should look very similar to the official photos. Keep in mind, the official photography is taken by professional photographers with professional lighting, and most brands will touch up or Photoshop the photos very slightly, so don’t expect it to look exactly 100% the same.

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