Is It Necessary To Buy Jewelry For Sex Dolls?

A question that comes to mind for many doll lovers is whether or not they should buy jewelry for sex dolls? Is it necessary to wear jewelry or more when it is safe for a real sex doll to wear jewelry? Since high-end sex dolls are made of silicone or TPE, many doll users are wary of stains and possible damage to the doll’s body.

Should you buy jewelry for a sex doll?

Buying jewelry for your sweetheart is a worthy investment that you won’t regret. They say “jewelry is every woman’s weakness” and the quickest way to win your partner’s heart. Not only does it make them charming and private, but it also makes them feel special and loved. The same goes for love dolls, who are more beautiful and charming when wearing the nice jewelry. It is no longer uncommon to see attractive sex dolls adorned with different types of jewelry on online sex doll platforms.

Wearable jewelry changes the look and personality of sex dolls. You can show her personality and bring out her best features by wearing her beautiful jewelry. Most doll owners prefer to buy necklaces, rings and earrings for their love girls. That makes their dolls look more realistic and express unconditional love for them. The collection is simple, affordable and practical, but most of all it’s really cute.

Precautions for using jewelry

First of all, doll owners must indeed be careful when using sex doll jewelry to avoid accidental injury or damage to the doll body. Color may fade if you use poor quality jewelry. However, wearing your doll with high-quality jewelry will not cause discoloration.

It is suggeated that people should remove jewelry during sex play and while sleeping. Otherwise, any jewelry like the necklace can get caught somewhere and cause a cut, or your body can press against the jewelry and leave marks. When removing or putting on jewelry, be careful and very careful to avoid stretch marks on fingers or neck.

Never buy cheap jewelry for your doll

You might be able to save a few bucks and some of the pieces you see might be super cute, but they could really harm your doll. Cheap rings and necklaces leave green stains on the body. In addition, it is not well constructed and bends and breaks too often, even when the pressure is light. Unintentional bending can seriously hurt you while playing and also damage the silicone material..

It’s always a good habit to wear your jewelry for a while and make sure it doesn’t stain before continuing to use it. This allows you to assess whether you accidentally bought inferior jewelry or whether a piece of jewelry leaves stains on your doll’s body.


In summary, you can wear your doll with beautiful jewelry to make her look even prettier and more charming. As long as you use high quality jewelry, you don’t have to worry about discoloration, stains and marks on her body, or damaging the silicone material that makes her up.

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