Frequently Asked Question!

Fixed (built-in) or can be inserted into the vagina?

Fixed vagina (built-in)

  • More realistic aesthetically.
  • Non-detachable, non-replaceable.
  • Not as easy to clean.
  • Very close to a real woman in feel.
  • Vagina’s insides has a stimulating texture.
  • Safe for human contact.

 Insertable/removable vagina

  • Easy to clean.
  • Easy to completely dry off.
  • Can be replaced if there are problems.
  • Inserting it requires technique.
  • Vagina’s insides has a stimulating texture.
  • Safe for human contact.

Both of these options do exactly what it sounds. The “fixed” or “built-in” vagina is a direct copy of a real woman’s vagina, also meaning that you cannot take it out of the doll. The removable vagina is a fleshlight-like cylinder that you insert inside of your doll and remove it when you need to clean it. Which one to choose? Our customers usually prefer the built-in vagina as it gives them almost indistinguishable experience when compared to a real woman. However, removable vagina is easier to clean, and you can replace it if you want other kind of vagina. Both of these options are a great choice, but if you value realism, you should stick with built-in vagina and if you want easier use and maintainance, you should choose the removable vagina.

How to warm up my doll?

Each doll will be given a heating stick(heating rod). The heating stick allows to heat up the vaginal, anal or oral crevices to the temperature of a real woman. Alternatively, use an electric blanket to wrap your doll up, it will take a few minutes to warm it up. Please do not leave your doll in the blanket for too long to avoid damage to her skin. TPE is very sensitive to temperature and can start melting from 50°C or  122°F and above.

Is it possible for the doll to change and hold a different position?

You can enjoy almost all sexual positions with your sex doll. From missionary, doggy-style, to her on top, having sex sitting down or her standing up. Thanks to her steel skeleton and movable joints the doll can be moved and positioned like a real person.

How to clean and maintain the doll after use?

Always make use of water-based lubes to avoid any kind of breakage of the skin if you are having vaginal, oral, or anal sex. Try to clean your TPE sex doll or silicone sex doll every two weeks with soap and water. It should be cleaned with warm water and cleansers and shampoos. Don’t use any other cleanser apart from the ones given by the suppliers. This may damage your beauty. Make use of wet cloth and antibacterial soaps to clean the face of your high-end sex dolls. Your baby needs proper cleaning especially the holes- vaginal, butt, and other places. After cleaning, use a proper towel for drying the doll. Don’t keep it wet. Always keep it dry and cool. After cleaning, use powder to keep it fresh and clean.

Regardless of if you have a lifelike silicone doll or a TPE one, you can clean them both by hand with hot water and soap. It’s important to wash your sexdoll regularly, especially after sex, to keep her fresh and hygienic.

Will the doll skin stain?

The skin of the dolls is durable, but still requires great care to avoid staining. Both TPE and Silicone will very readily absorb any dark color from clothes. Ensuring you have washed the clothes to minimize any risk of staining is paramount.Only use clothing that is unlikely to transmit color(Light-colored clothes). All clothing must be cleaned before dressing the doll, as this will prevent any stains.

Storing Your Doll – How to Prevent Damage?

All of our dolls are made to the highest specification, so you don’t have to worry about damaging them through regular use. When not in use, it’s best to keep them in a cool dark place away from any strong odors. Avoid direct sunlight too as this can age the skin and cause discoloration.

You can keep them in the packaging they came in when not in use if you have space or you can buy specialist hangers for the wardrobe if you prefer. Make sure to store them in a comfortable position to avoid any damage that can be caused due to the weight of the sex doll. There are a number of ways to store your doll. In order to keep your expensive sex dolls pristine, there is a set of criteria that you must adhere to:

Sunlight – too much sunlight will cause wear and tear to the TPE, causing the TPE to degrade faster than usual.

Dust – the skin of your beauty will easily collect dust stick to it. We recommend storing the doll in a storage bag or in the original product box as dust can be extremely difficult to remove.

Ink – If you are to store the doll in a storage bag, please be careful regarding the colors. As the doll will be in the storage bag for long periods of time, colors are likely to transfer from the bag if the wrong material is used.

Never let TPE come into contact with the silicone. Chemical reactions will cause its degradation. If you own both TPE and silicone dolls, you should store them separately.

Quality guarantee-How does it work?

Paypal- Buyer’s protection

PayPal will cover you for the full amount of the item plus original shipping costs if you do not receive the item or if you receive an item, but it is significantly different from the description the seller provided. To receive a refund for items that are significantly different from what was described, you will be required to return the item to the seller, or in some cases to PayPal, and to pay the return shipping costs.

Linkooerdoll- Premium quality guarantee

Linkooerdoll ensures that if there is a mistake in your order or a significant defect with your sex doll, we will compensate, assist you in repair, or completely replace your doll for free.

How does Guarantee work?

  • Inspect the doll immediately upon arrival.
  • If you notice a defect in your order or notice that the doll is significantly different from your order, report it to us with photos within 24 hours of receiving an order.
  • If you feel you are entitled to compensation don’t use your doll. Keep her in a new and unused condition, with the box and all the packing materials. We cannot accept returns if the doll is used. Dolls are tested when returned.

Is it shipping really free?

We ship worldwide and shipping is free for all orders. All of the doll purchases and accessories bought are included in free shipping.

Does the order include taxes and customs duty fees?

We will be responsible for taxes and fees in EU countries, Russia and United States. We are sorry for other countries, we do not bear any taxes.

Why Purchase from Linkooer?

High-Quality Fully Customizable Silicone TPE Sex Dolls

Choose high-quality models that are made with TPE silicone of the highest grade. You can customize a real-life sex doll as per your choice of features with options in motions and positions to fit the most creative fantasy and imagination yours. There are different design choices available to you at LINKOOER, including blonde, brunette, big butt, blue eyes, big boobs, redhead, Asian, porn star, and a lot more you can choose for customization. You can customize a perfect diva at LINKOOER that you always fantasized about but couldn’t get.

Your Privacy is Our Concern

We have high regard for your privacy concerns, so there will be no labeling on the box, even our company’s name won’t be there. All our dolls arrive in a plain brown box with no identification on it as to the content. If you wish, we can ship to a courier office address such as UPS,DHL, FedEx from where you can collect your realistic sex doll at your convenience.