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Zelex Doll Ultra-Soft Silicone + Auto-suck Vagina + Articulated Fingers + Gel Breasts & Gel Buttock +Movable Jaw + Standing without Bolts + Realistic Body Painting & Texture+ Pubic Hair

AB Doll– Second Wig + Removable Vagina+ Gel Breasts+ EVO Skeleton+ Standing Feet

Galaxy Doll–  Implanted Hair + EVO Skeleton+ Standing Feet + Gel Breasts + Realistic Body Paint

FunWest Doll –  Standing Feet + Built-in Tongue + EVO Skeleton + Gel Breasts + Random Eyes + Realistic Body Painting




Gamelady Doll Extra Head + Articulated Fingers +Gel Breasts & Gel Buttock + Hard Feet & Hard Hand + Realistic Body Painting


Irontech Doll – Gel Breasts + Articulated Fingers  + EVO Skeleton + Realistic Body Painting + Exquisite Gift

Real Lady Doll – Gel Breasts & Butts+ Standing Feet+ EVO Skeleton + Realistic Body Painting & Texture

Fire Doll –  EVO Skeleton + Standing Feet

FJ Doll Second Head&Wig (Full Silicone Dolls) + EVO Skeleton+ Standing Feet +  Gel Breasts

Dolls Castle DollSecond Head&Wig + EVO Skeleton + Standing Feet + Gel Breasts

Climax Doll– ROS + Movable Jaw +  Gel Breasts + Removable Vagina + EVO Skeleton+ Standing Feet

Qita Doll –  EVO Skeleton + Removable Vagina  + Standing Feet

AiFei Doll– Second Wig + EVO Skeleton+ Standing Feet

6YE Doll– Second Wig + Removable Vagina + EVO Skeleton+ Standing Feet

Normon Doll–FREE 2nd Head&Wig + FREE Gel Breasts + FREE Articulated Fingers +FREE Upgraded Skeleton + FREE Removable Vagina+ FREE Hard Feet + FREE Pubic Hair + FREE Realistic Body Painting


SE Doll– FREE 2nd Head&Wig + FREE Gel-Breast + FREE Articulated Fingers+ FREE Lubricant Vagina + FREE EVO Skeleton+ FREE Doll Maintenance kit + FREE Head Stand + FREE Hanging Hook



Please note: All these promo discounts are only available on customized dolls. Please send an email to [email protected] if you need any help!