Pre-shipment Photos

A trusted vendor won’t ship out the doll without sending you factory photos and getting your approval. is the one you can be trusted! Here are some factory pictures from our real customer orders. All of them are not be the result of Photoshop.
The official photography was taken by professional photographers with professional lighting, so don’t expect it to look exactly 100% the same. We will try our best to restore the makeup to the official photos you see on our website. Please allow a slight difference. Thank you for your understanding! We do not ship out the dolls until our customers are fully satisfied. If you’re not fully satisfied with the way your doll looks in the factory photos, be sure to let us know, and we will be willing to make adjustments to the makeup or fix any other problems that you see. We won’t ship the doll without your approval. However, the order cannot be changed any longer once it’s shipped.
If you didn’t see the one you want, please chat with us online or send us an email ([email protected]).
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Zelex Doll

Gladys 143cm Blonde Full Silicone Real Doll+Extra Silicone Head

Emi 172cm Anime Cosplay Silicone Doll+Extra Silicone Head



Gene 148cm Lovely Girl Silicone Doll+Extra Silicone Head

165cm Bunny Girl Silicone Real Sex Doll+Extra Silicone Head

165cm Pretty Girl Silicone Sex Doll+Extra Silicone Head

Linkooer Doll

170cm Pretty Girl Silicone Adult Doll+Extra Silicone Head

160cm Pretty Oval Face Adorable Girl Real Love Doll


Umi 160cm Asian Beauty Silicone Head Real Doll


Lockney 170cm Emchanting Leggy Lady Real Sex Doll

Lucy 162cm Anime Cosplay Silicone Head Adult Doll+Extra Silicone Head


Irontech Doll

SE Doll

Gamelady Doll

6ye Doll