Misconceptions About Sex Toys

Sex toys had such a bad reputation when they were created that they sometimes made users uncomfortable. Today, most of the bad stereotypes about sex toy have lost their meaning. Sales are increasing as more and more people become interested in the world of these sex toys and take advantage of their benefits. Here are 5 misconceptions about sex toy that are just myths.

Sex toys are harmful to health  ❌

You have probably already heard that sex toys are harmful to your health. This claim is unfounded as sex toy users have never had a health problem specifically related to this practice. However, poor hygiene can lead to health problems. In fact, it is beneficial for everyone to adopt good personal and clothing hygiene. Regarding the use of sex toy, it is advisable to clean and disinfect the accessories before or after each use.

In addition, you should know that the design material of sex doll , which is medical-grade silicone or TPE, will not harm the body or health. However, sex toy must be used singly or in pairs to prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases.

The use of sex objects changes the sensitivity of the organs  ❌

A very famous opinion holds that men who indulge in masturbation will suffer from impotence. Among women, another version suggests that using sex toys too often would make them insensitive. Better not to believe it, because no scientific or empirical evidence supports this hypothesis.

No matter what model of sex toy you use, know that your clitoris will not lose its sensitivity. The only recommendation to follow, according to sex experts, is not to accustom your body to the same sexual stimulation. It would therefore be ideal not only to vary the sex toy, but also the way or the technique with which you have fun.

Sex toys prevent you from reaching orgasm in a different way  ❌

Sex toys, and clitoral stimulators in particular, are known as orgasm enhancers, but they don’t stop you from achieving it in other ways. According to studies, most of women reach orgasm more easily with other stimulation, although they sometimes use sex toys. From this it must be concluded that the myth is completely denied.

Sex toys are for singles only  ❌

If you don’t already know, you know that many spouses are given sex toy to spice up their life as a couple. Sexual routine gets tired quickly and it is better to try new trendy and eye-catching methods. This is the best way to have a fulfilling sex life with your partner.

Today, sex toys are no longer only found among singles. In search of new sexual experiences, they have found a place in several households. Some agree to use dildos, vibrators or other, others prefer to try sex dolls. This allows them to spice up the relationship and satisfy multiple fantasies.

Sex toy can take your partner’s place  ❌

Some people believe that sex toy can be addictive and a source of discord between partners. Again, this is a false story, as the main advantage of sex toy is that they always remain a simple object of pleasure. In addition, it is understood that erotic objects are used as well as tireless sex dolls to make the sexual experience more exciting. While they provide realistic stimulation and allow even the craziest of fantasies to be fulfilled, they are by no means a substitute for a spouse.


Sex toy can offer you a kind of pleasure that you and your partner can’t provide (for example, vibration), and they will make sex more fun and connect you with your partner in an incredible, bonding way. They’re also great to improve your sexual self-knowledge. By using sex toys you learn more about your sweet spots, what and how you like your pleasure to be delivered.

Using sex toys does not make you “kinky,” and using sex toys says nothing about the kind of person you are. Other than the fact that you are the kind of person who considers himself deserving sexual pleasure. And such type of self-appreciation deserves the respect of any social circle.

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