How Discreet Is Packaging And Shipping Of Sex Dolls?

Sex dolls, adult toys that serve various personal and social purposes, are increasingly being purchased and shipped worldwide. In light of this trend, many customers are concerning about the discretion of their packaging and shipping, primarily due to privacy concerns.

How are most sex dolls packaged?

With the standard packaging of sex dolls, not only the protection of the product is in the foreground, but also the privacy of the customer. Our factory usually pack sex dolls in plain, unmarked boxes. The exterior shows no indication of the contents of the package, ensuring a discreet delivery process. Sex doll brands are aware of the need for privacy and therefore take great care to respect it.

Let’s imagine: You get a new love doll delivered to your home. Just as a superhero action figure comes in a box, so does your love doll. But love dolls are very special. They need a lot more protection to make sure he doesn’t get hurt on the way to your home.

Doll’s hands and feet are wrapped in soft foam to ensure they don’t get scratched or bent in weird ways. This protects them from unwanted scratches and damage during transport. Sex doll’s head is as delicate and precious as a work of art. You want to keep it safe, don’t you? Therefore, it will be packed very carefully and an eye mask will be put on to protect eyes and facial skin during transportation.

All of these parts are then placed in a large, sturdy box filled with padded foam. It’s like your doll gets her own cozy bed in the box where she can’t move and don’t get hurt. All other things that your love doll will need like a wig, hardware, manuals and other extra accessories are also packed in this box. Then this box is closed tightly. This way your doll is super safe and ready to be delivered straight to your door.

Sex doll shipping and home delivery

Most sex doll factories work with reputable shipping companies to ensure that the dolls reach their destination efficiently and discreetly. These couriers have a professional understanding of privacy and take steps to protect it.

One of our customers from Texas, shared his experience: “I was afraid that the courier might know what he was delivering, but everything was handled very professionally. Nothing seemed strange. The courier treated the package like any other delivery. I knew that. I was very nervous at first, but no one seemed to care as the package was unmarked and looked like a regular giant box.”

Customs: Seamless passage

When shipping internationally, there may be a concern that the customs officials know the contents of the package. However, companies label the doll as “mannequins” or “model figures” to avoid undue attention.

Our another customer from France, said: “I had concerns about the customs procedure but the package arrived without any problems. There was no evidence that anyone had tampered with the items in the box. I have to admit that waiting for the doll was excruciating as I wasn’t sure if I would receive my doll or not. In the end everything seemed to work perfectly and I received my doll with no delays or damage.”

Packing and shipping of sex dolls at Linkooerdoll

Linkooerdoll will directly ship the packages from our factory in a large unmarked box via DHL, FedEx or UPS at our discretion. This cardboard box is so strong that it can also be used as a storage place for your doll, where it can stay when you are not playing with it, protecting it from dust and dirt. There is no identifying information outside the packaging to know what is inside. So if privacy is a major concern for you, rest assured that it is our commitment to respect and uphold it, as most of our sex doll customers have clearly demonstrated.

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