Why Should You Lubricate TPE Love Doll With Oil?

Lubricate TPE love doll with oil is a mandatory step for those who want to keep their love doll in its original state of freshness for a long time:

  1. They preserve the elasticity, suppleness and softness of the skin;
  2. They will soften certain areas of the body (be careful not to abuse it, a TPE soaked too much in oil is a fragile TPE);
  3. They optimize resistance to tears or tears.

In other words… you maximize the longevity of your sex doll. Lubricate TPE sex doll with oil is easy to do as long as you follow certain rules. In this article, we will discuss some useful tips to properly moisturize your TPE sex doll’s skin. These instructions only apply to TPE sex dolls. Silicone sex dolls are not included in this post.

When should your sex doll’s TPE be lubricated with oil?

You should consider lubricating your doll’s TPE skin:

  1. Upon receipt of your model, if you notice any unusual dehydration of the epidermis;
  2. As soon as micro tears or mini tears appear (commonly observed in sensitive areas such as the armpits, behind the knees, the groin or the thighs).

Don’t worry if you notice drying out, microcracks or peeling! The problem is reversible and you can fix it by taking action today.

How to moisturize your TPE sex doll’s skin with oil?

When you receive your TPE love doll at home, you should take the appropriate precautions. You should apply oil with your index finger on the most delicate and sensitive areas: in the groin area, around the chest and under the armpits.

Areas of the body that need to be moistened with oil more frequently. These are actually the most fragile, sensitive and stressed areas of your love doll’s body. The following parts must be checked regularly: shoulders, intimate parts, abdomen, knees (leg curls), buttocks (especially if they have been in a sitting position for a long time), breasts (especially if they are very generous).

These are the areas most prone to friction during erotic play and skeletal manipulation. These are also the areas where the TPE is most prone to drying out. For these reasons, you should regularly check and judge for yourself whether the oil moistening is sufficient or not. If not, feel free to apply a finger of oil to the body areas mentioned above.

Something you should pay attention

During the lubrication process, we recommend that you lay your doll naked on the floor, on which a white sheet will be placed. We do not recommend performing this operation on your sofa or bed. The oil spill could stain your mattress or sofa. Make sure you are performing the process in a place where there are no issues related to this.

We recommend only applying the oil in small amounts the first few times. In the beginning it is better to have too little than too much. For example, you can make an adjustment the next day by doing the same process again. Over time you will get to know the TPE of your erotic doll better.

If you notice that the applied oil takes more than a day to be fully absorbed by the TPE, then you may be exceeding the maximum limits. This absorption time depends on the initial TPE oil content, but also on the temperature. Absorption is faster in summer than in winter.

The ideal absorption time is a maximum of 4 to 6 hours. In addition, you should do your best to dry as much as possible by powdering and handling. Below you can repeat without risk.


In addition to maintaining the initial freshness of your sex doll’s epidermis, the moisturizing oil lubricates and greases the joints of the metal skeleton. In fact, after a few days, the oil is absorbed to the point where it reaches the deepest layers of the body. This oil then comes into contact with the metal skeleton of your beauty.

You will quickly realize the value of wetting your doll’s TPE with oil. They maximize the chances of keeping your doll in its original state of freshness for as long as possible. And that is priceless! Try it yourself and see! You will thank us!

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