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Zelex Inspiration Series

Zelex Inspiration Series has several new features making them noticeably more realistic and practical. This series features realistic mouths with movable jaws, softer breasts and butts, new removable vagina designs, and upgraded color-sealing processes.

170cm with GE94 Head

170cm with GE95 Head

Zelex has been hard at work lately. Not only do they release new dolls and photosets every month, but they also innovate and improve their products behind-the-scenes. The Inspiration Series brings 4 important new upgrades:
*New oral design with realistic tonsil, teeth and movable jaw.
*Softer Gel-Breasts and kneadable Gel-Butts.
*Removable vagina with different labia shapes.
*Color-sealing method for more durable makeup.

Zelex Inspiration Series has brought many new improvements. However, it is not clear whether these updates are only for new sex dolls or whether Zelex old sex dolls will be updated gradually. The new realistic mouth is likely to be designed for the new head, while the removable vaginal with different labial shapes should only apply to the new sex doll body. Gel breast and gel butts are possible for all sex dolls. Zelex has done a good job with these new upgrades.Zelex did a great job with these new upgrades. Hopefully they continue this important work.

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