Gamelady Doll Turns Mobile Game Role into Sex Dolls

Do you want a sex doll similar to your favorite mobile game character? Gamelady Doll, an interesting brand new silicone doll, is turning the fantasy of mobile games into reality.

Gamelady Doll is a new and popular silicone doll brand tapping into the highly popular video gaming niche. They made a series of exquisite silicone dolls based on virtual mobile game characters, such as TIFA and Aerith from Final Fantasy 7, Mama and Lockne from Death Stranding, Ciri from The Witcher3, etc. Gamelady dolls are made of safe, durable, high-quality platinum silicone material, which is costly but non-toxic and odorless. It also meets the relevant European and American Safety inspection standards. As advanced and unique production technology is applied, Gamelady dolls are delicate and rich in softness and skin resilience. The surface is silky and smooth, giving customers a kind of skin touch and visual experience that resembles a real person. Now, Gamelady Doll has released 4 body types:3 realistic body types and 1 scaled down body type. Every body type can adapt to all heads. Gamelady Doll did a very good job with the head designs so far.

Here are some of their photos.

168cm with Aerith Head

It’s amazing how well the new head resembles Aerith from Final Fantasy 7: Remake. Hardcore Aerith fans will surely be pleased with this new model.

168cm with Ellie Head

Comparing the doll with the character side-by-side, they very similar although the hair is black instead of brown.

167cm  with Tifa Head

These new photos feature Tifa in her classic Final Fantasy 7 costume with the white tank top, black skirt, and suspenders.

168cm With Ciri Head

Game Lady’s “Ciri” head is based on her The Witcher 3 appearance, where she plays a kind, yet mysterious and badass character. Gamelady Doll did a great job with Ciri’s distinct makeup and even included her scar.

167cm with Tifa Soft Silicone Head

The soft silicone Tifa head is showcased on the 167cm body in sexy bondage to highlight her latest expressive face. Her expression is noticeably more sexual or shy/embarrassed compared to the original Tifa head. Te real highlight here is the mouth. The adjustable jaw allows you to open and close the mouth in varying degrees. The built-in teeth, tongue, and uvula all look super realistic.

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