What To Do When Parents Find Your Sex Doll Unexpectedly?

Many doll lovers are worried about others discovering the fact that their sex partners are silicone sex dolls or TPE sex dolls, especially young customers who live with their parents. Please remember you’re an adult. Adults need sexual life There is nothing to be ashamed of. Here’s what you should do in case your parents suddenly found out about your sex dolls.

1. Keep calm

Never try to tell your parents about your sexual desires or your new partner in a hurry. Panic often overcomes first-time sex doll owners the day after they bring the new member into the house. Remember, she’s not horrified or a monster to make you feel uncomfortable. You should stay calm and wait for the right moment to tell your parents truth.

Take a deep breath and remember you’re an adult. You live your life once and you have every right to live your romantic life to the fullest — and to do whatever you want. So relax and enjoy your life with a cute little partner. I promise your parents would understand and respect your feelings – if you don’t backslide and tell them when you’re comfortable.

2. Don’t yell or be disrespectful

Most people tend to lose their composure when their parents accidentally find out about their silicone or TPE sexual partners. Your first instinct might be to yell at your parents or tease you. You should definitely avoid getting angry and sentences like “Mind your own business”, “It’s my life” or, in the worst case, “Go away”.

Your response should be subtle and polite. Accidents happen and you can’t always predict them. Don’t react immediately and instead wait a few minutes to collect yourself and resist any temptation to raise your voice and bolt; this often backfires. Your parent wouldn’t want to hurt your feelings if you approach the situation rationally.

3. Be absolutely honest

Don’t try to play any games or be vague when telling them about your sex life. this may create unnecessary speculation or concern in their minds. You are an adult and parents expect unabashed honesty from you. The world has evolved a lot in the last few decades in terms of sex toy use. So put on a brave face and stand up for your romantic partner.

Being 100% honest with your parents is the best way to gain their approval. It’s up to you how much detail you want to go into about your sex life or why you want a sex doll, but you should at least tell them a few things about your sex doll and how it’s better than real women — especially for now. Knowing that your partner is not much different from real women out there and also makes you happy, your mom will be relieved and happy with your decision.

4. Expect the unexpected

That’s the reality you need to prepare for in advance. A life size sex doll is not a tiny toy that you can just hide or put away forever. Sooner or later you’ll have to tell your parents, or they might find out for themselves. You need to acknowledge the embarrassment of the situation up front and, as mentioned earlier, all you need to do is be honest and keep your cool.

Regardless of what your parents’ initial reaction is, you need to keep your cool and try to be direct in your most polite words. You could say, “Hey mom or dad, I was just about to come over and explain this to you myself. Let me tell you the qualities of my new life partner…or I can talk to you.”


We have discussed what you should do to address the situation when your parents find out about your sex doll unexpectedly. It all comes down to what your parents think of sex dolls or how they perceive you to have an intimate relationship with a silicone or TPE sex doll . Your strategy will depend on your opinion or reaction to the news that you may be buying a sex doll in the near future. It would also eliminate the element of surprise or awkwardness forever and you can have a healthy and satisfying life with your partner.

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