Why To Choose A Wig For Your Love Doll?

You have finally decided to buy a sex doll but are not sure whether you need to buy one with implanted hair or one with a wig. Judging from most customers’ choice, doll buyers prefer wigs. Wigs are usually a free option when purchasing a sex doll, while implanted hair costs an additional $150-$300. We are here to make a discussion about why to choose a wig for love dolls.


Typically, most dolls with wigs are TPE sex dolls , which fall into the affordable doll category. Because these wigs are made from synthetic polymers and because of their synthetic comfort, these wigs are cheaper in price. In this way, the integration of inexpensive TPE dolls and cheaper wigs makes it easier for almost everyone to choose a TPE doll with a wig. Most people are looking for the most beautiful sex doll at an affordable price. It is recommended that they choose a sex doll with a wig.

Easy to clean

A love doll requires proper care and you must wash them often to comply with standard health practices and to keep yourself clean and germ free. Because of this, taking care of a sex doll is very tedious as you have to clean it after each intercourse and then bathe it. In this case, if your doll has a wig that can be easily removed, you will find it easier to wash the doll without dipping her hair in a tub of water. This saves a lot of time and reduces the hassle of daily hair washing.

Compatible with TPE heads

Overall, the experience of people with transplanted hair in TPE heads is not very exciting and more and more people prefer wigs instead due to their unfavorable combination. Therefore, in general, we can say that wigs are suitable for TPE dolls, and you will have much better experience with wigs on TPE heads than implanted hair in TPE. This is due to the nature of TPE as it is not very supportive in the case of hair implantation. Therefore, most factories now do not support hair transplantation for TPE sex dolls.

Change the look instantly

One of the biggest advantages of wigs is that you never get tired of your love doll’s hairstyle. There are endless possibilities for your doll to customize a specific hairstyle that you like. There are several hairstyles like curly, straight, long and short hair. You can also choose to go from blonde to brunette or any other hair color you like. Just order that particular wig online. You now have a completely different personality of your doll once she changes her hairstyle. This is perhaps one of the best choices for people who like to switch between hairstyles and want a differently styled lover after a few months.


Because the wigs are not attached, you can often expect to fall off your doll wig during awkward or extreme interactions. This makes the situation feel less realistic. Remember that we are not talking about the nature of the sex doll, we are focusing on the wig of your love doll. Dolls with wigs can be classified as less realistic than those with implanted hair. However, wigs also have the above advantages. Of course, everything depends on the buyer’s preference.

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