How To Wear A Beautiful Wig On A Love Doll?

When it comes to high-end realistic sex doll head care and makeup, beautiful wigs cannot be ignored. Each realistic sex doll comes with a free wig. However, as time goes on, you will find that you need to buy more and more wigs for your sex doll. Different types of wigs are beautiful, they help to enhance the realistic sex doll’s appearance and make the doll look different.

How to buy a quality sex doll wig?

Generally speaking, wigs used on real people are also suitable for sex dolls. Therefore, buying wigs for your love doll is not difficult, just make sure it fits your needs. In addition to offline stores, you can also shop in e-commerce platform stores, you can not only get more colors and types, but also more combinations.

How to properly wear wigs on sex doll?

A lot of people think you can wear whatever wigs you want on your love dolls, but that’s not the case.

Method 1: The easiest way to wear wigs is to wear it on your head like a natural hat and the elastic sides close it at the edge of your head. At the end of the day, it’s not the right choice.

Method 2: This is a reliable method. First you need to put on the wig cap and slowly put the wig on the cap and adjust it from all sides. Then use bobby pins to secure the wig and cap to the edges of the selected area.

Method 3: Similar to the second method, but better and stronger. Instead of using invisible bobby pins, hold the wig and hat together with velcro, it’s easier to put on and take off.

How to cleaning wigs?

Tools needed to clean your wigs include bowls, combs, shampoo and towels. The first step is to fill the basin with warm water. After pouring it into the water, add some shampoo into the water and shake gently until it foams for later use. Then immerse the wig in the water completely, but don’t squeeze or pinch it, just leave it in the water for a few minutes.

Take the wig out of the water and rinse with fresh clean warm water. Make sure all the shampoo and suds are rinsed off. Then gently squeeze the wig to remove water stains, and wrap the wig in a towel and dry it off so it doesn’t get wet. Then dry the wig in a cool place out of direct sunlight. When finished, remove and comb lightly with a comb to remove any tangles before oiling and storing.

Special Reminder

Wear dark wigs as little as possible on sex dolls to avoid fading the wig and dirtying the skin. In addition, wig glue can damage the skin of the sex doll. Another tip: do not use an elastic band that is too tight to secure the wig, as wearing it for too long can leave dents and stains. Just choose the right size for wigs, store it and keep it clean.


Different types of wigs come in different colors, lengths and volumes. The wigs you buy for your realistic love doll is usually a matter of personal preference and color. Some people go to great lengths to make their sex dolls look more diverse. But we must understand that wigs require more cleaning and maintenance methods and time before they can be worn on real sex doll heads. In addition, the content of wigs largely depends on the material of the wig. Human hair wig is made of biological materials. It differs significantly from wigs made of chemical fibers, so wigs made of different materials are treated differently.

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