Is It Worth Choosing Implanted Hair For Your Love Doll?

There are two main types of hair choices which include wigs and implanted hair. Now what is the difference between the two? Wigs are simply design elements with detachable hair that are placed on a sex doll’s head to give her a perfect feminine look. As the name suggests, implanted or transplanted hair means fixed or fixed hair that cannot be replaced. Now we will discuss transplant hair dolls and what can be an effective purchase for you.

Tighter than wigs

It is clearly a point worth noting that love dolls with implanted hair have tighter control compared to those with wigs. These hairs are precisely woven into the skin of her head using highly advanced techniques. This gives the head a very firm bond with the hair and feels just like a human scalp. Even if it’s not that accurate, you’ll never notice their artificial nature, which directly affects your sexual satisfaction and attraction to your doll.

Very realistic

Everyone wants a realistic sex doll that is highly detailed even for its tiny features. Now sex dolls with transplanted hair have an advantage as they look very realistic and get their hair like a real human. So when you compare an doll with implanted hair to a doll with wig, you usually find them much more realistic and detailed That’s a very fancy trait for some people.

Individual thematic looks

Single-themed looks means your love doll will look like this forever or as long as you own her. Yes, if you decide to get a doll with transplanted hair, sometimes it can be annoying for you. It looks the same for the whole course and you may not be able to change its appearance. There is a way to change your doll’s hairstyle. If you buy a doll with short hair and later want to change her hair with wigs, shorter hair can be easily hidden under wigs. Otherwise, you have to accept that there aren’t many changes you can make to your doll’s appearance other than clothing. Wig dolls on the site can have a very wide range and you can change them at any time.

Expensive and compatible with silicone heads

First, love dolls with transplanted hair are more expensive than other TPE sex dolls because they have silicone head in most cases. Silicone holds the hair well and is suitable for hair implantation. So you can assume that hair implantation is only compatible with silicone heads. For this reason, even if your doll’s body is made of TPE, it must have a silicone head. This can make your purchase a little heavy for you sometimes with extra cost.

Trouble washing

Well, in this case, if you intend to bathe your doll, you will also wash her hair. Because in this case you will not be able to remove their hair for a single moment. You will have to deal with it. So it increases the hassle of washing your doll every time as you have to deal with her hair. Well, that may be not a problem for you at all, you can decide for yourself.


These are some of the most widely accepted and respected atrributes we have been able to draw. It can help you learn more about the nature of sex dolls with implanted hair.

We hope that after reading the article, you now have a clear understanding of sex dolls with implanted hair and how to make a personal choice based on your choices. This way you can optimize your purchase accordingly and make an informed decision. Each item is designed with the aim of helping you make better decisions as sex dolls are sometimes expensive to buy. We don’t want you to regret your decision after purchase. That is why our research team proposes detailed content so that you can deeply understand the nature of your love doll.

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