Something You Should Know About Sex Dolls

Something about the sex doll you should know. It’s probably the first time many people have heard about it, so there’s still a lot of misunderstanding about sex dolls. I will make the material and maintenance of sex doll known to everyone, and hope to help the majority of doll lovers.

About skin material

Currently, most of the real doll materials on the market are finished with a new type of polymer material, TPE, with the English name Cyberskin. This material is non-toxic and tasteless, with a hardness below Shore A0 and a tensile strength of more than 6 times. It has the smoothness, softness and elasticity of real human skin. It complies with the country’s relevant safety standards and is not toxic to the human body or the environment.

About the skeletal material

Various metal joints are installed in the body of the sex doll. Therefore, sex dolls can assume various postures within a certain range. The sex doll is used to fix the internal bone joints during production. There are screw mounting holes on the soles and calves. There are slight traces of modification, which is an inevitable normal phenomenon.

Some matters that need attention

  1. Do not scrape the surface of the sex doll with sharp tools or knead it hard. This can avoid damage to the surface skin of the love doll, which will affect the service life and appearance.
  2. Avoid wearing clothes that are easy to fade or poor dyeing technique to avoid contamination of the love doll. Sex doll is difficult to wash after dyeing due to clothing.
  3. Do not put real dolls together with substances containing ink, such as newspapers and magazines. Do not put it together with dark clothes or leather fabrics containing oil-soluble pigments to avoid contamination of the sex doll’s skin.
  4. Do not leave it in direct sunlight for a long time. This may cause skin aging and affect the service life.
  5. The love doll’s posture is mostly straight when it leaves the factory. Do not let the entity doll be in a difficult bending posture for a long time to avoid deformation and damage to the skin of a certain place for a long time.
  6. If there are nicks or strangulations on the surface of a real doll due to prolonged pressing, use a clean, non-marking white cloth to dampen it with water, and then use a heat gun to blow against the surface of the cloth blow . Wait a certain amount of time to make the indentation. will disappear
  7. After a long period of display, there will be dust and dirt on the surface of the sex doll. You can clean it with a general detergent such as washing powder. For stubborn stains, you can dip dry washing powder in a small amount of water and rubbed directly, which is easier to remove. However, avoid scratching the skin of a solid doll with your fingernails. After washing the sex doll, wait for the surface water to dry and apply the touch powder (or ordinary prickly heat powder) evenly to the surface. After washing, the sex doll’s surface is as smooth as before, and the hand feels good. Please clean and maintain regularly according to the situation.
  8. If the skin of a sex doll has a small damage, you can use glue to first paste the damaged surface, then apply a layer of glue evenly to the two cut surfaces, and then glue the two cut surfaces at the same time, finally apply a thin one Apply a layer of glue to the surface and wait about half an hour for the glue to dry.


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