New Sex Dolls, Irontech, Gamelady & FunWest

September is here as the summer heat lingers on. Brands released a few new heads and photosets. Irontech Doll debuted their newest silicone body: 169cm Body, Gamelady Doll teased an upcoming head, and some brands were at Asia Adult Expo 2023. Without furthur ado, let’s see what interesting things came out.


Irontech released a new silicone 169cm body with new S39 Layla head. She has a pretty and realistic Japanese face with a slight smile. Body-wise, it’s tall and slim with smallish breasts. These dark and shadowy photos are a bit hard to see. In addition, the first time Irontech Shemale Sex Doll appears on our linkooerdoll. These realistic shemale sex dolls give you flawless options for enjoyable oral and penetrative sex.

Irontech also shared 2 sexy new photosets of their 163cm silicone bodies with S36 and S40 Heads. The two heads look similar, both Asian faces. But S36 has heavy makeup, while S40 has very light makeup, looks like a student. In addition, Irontech released 4 new photosets of full TPE doll with white skin on 163cm Plus Body.

Funwest Doll

Funwest Doll shared a new photoset of their 157cm Chloe. Although it’s not a cosplay, she reminds me a bit of Marvel’s Black Cat. Mainly due to that, I think she looks somewhat interesting.


On September 7, 2023, Game Lady Doll released their newest Head #19, inspired by Lightning from Final Fantasy XIII. Showcased on their recent 171cm body, this release came as a surprise, yet not unexpected. When this body first came out, I thought it would be the perfect body for Lightning, and here we are. Facially, she greatly resembles Lightning, although more-so the cover art than the in-game model. The tall, athletic body fits her well, although the breasts are on the bigger side for the character.

In less than two months, they released 4 new heads (although 2 were just upgraded mouths) and a new body. Although Final Fantasy XIII is a somewhat controversial title, I’m sure that Lightning is on many people’s “waifu list.” This was both a good character choice and well-designed sculpt. Anyway, this news wasn’t too bad as there were many pretty photos to look at. Hopefully, next doll news will be a bit more interesting.

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