Flexibility Of A Sex Doll

A primary metal frame supports most TPE or silicone dolls. Their design and structure depend on the size of brand and manufacturer. Their skin is thicker and has no layers, which makes them softer. This guide will discuss the flexibility of lifelike sex dolls, so let’s get started.

The Head of Sex Doll

The doll’s head can move up and down freely, and can also rotate 90 degrees left and right. Its neck is held in place by a metal frame, preventing the doll from raising its head too high or bending its head forwards or backwards excessively.

The Waist of Sex Doll

The maximum angle for forward and backward movements, hip bends, hip bends and chest extensions is 40 degrees. Angles can be as little as 40 degrees while the body twists left and right at the waist. The limit is reduced when the waist is similarly twisted and bent, with angles superimposed in all directions. The angles on all sides are limited to 20 degrees, for example, if the waist is bent and twisted to the left at the same time.

The Hips and Thighs of Sex Doll

Generally, the maximum possible separation of the thighs of the sex dolls is 130 degrees on either side, with a maximum increase of 100 degrees for a single leg separation. The movement can put too much traction on the doll’s silicone and cause damage. Therefore, we do not recommend opening the doll’s thighs too wide. We recommend opening the legs no more than 15 degrees within the vertical line of the body, or a maximum of 50 degrees to either side. It should not be raised more than 90 degrees or bent backwards more than 15 degrees of the vertical body line when one leg is supported.

The Eyes of Sex Doll

The eyes of the dolls are all movable. To change the direction of the doll’s gaze, open the eye, move the eyeball back a little, and then rotate it to the desired angle. The eyeball contains feather structures inside. The maximum rotation angle for doll eyes is 120 degrees. Please avoid rotating the doll’s line of sight at a strange angle.


In Linkooerdoll, our sex dolls are quite flexible and can pose in different positions. Most sexy sex position taken during real life intercourse can be taken by our sex dolls as well. There is an important note: over forcing a joint inside our sex dolls skeleton  may result in damaging the sex doll`s skeleton, and for that reason, we do not recommend over bending our sex dolls skeleton, and it is also recommended to get the sex doll into it original position whilst not at use and stored.

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