Should I Wear A Condom When Playing With Sex Dolls?

Many people may wonder when using sex dolls: should I wear a condom when playing with sex dolls? Will using a condom harm my love doll? When do I have to wear a condom? What should I put attention on? This post will answer your questions.

Why do I need to wear a condom?

Do you want your sex doll and keep her as good as new? It will not be impossible to use a doll after putting on a condom. Because even the highest quality sex dolls are still porous. TPE sex toys in particular, while safe for human use, are difficult to fully sterilize after use. Because the material has tiny pores that absorb liquid over time. Especially if you don’t use a condom, the semen you ejaculate is often not completely cleaned and a bad smell also lingers. Since there are many folds in the sex doll’s vagina, these folds are probably the best place for bacteria to survive and multiply.

Wearing a condom protects you from possible infection and protects your sex doll from ingesting biological material. Protect your body from health risks and keep your toys in top condition, which will greatly extend the life of your favorite love doll.

When do I need to translate a condom?

If you share a doll with other people or lend the sex doll to others for use, you must wear a condom every time you use the sex doll, even if neither you nor the other person has an STD. It is important to note that if you are going to switch from sex doll vagina to anal sex, you’d better get a new condom. It can also help keep you from exposing yourself to several other microbes that can cause urinary tract infections and viral infections that can easily spread throughout the body.

When you play with the sex doll alone, using a condom can solve the problem of difficult cleaning of the sex doll. Who likes to spend half an hour cleaning up a mess after relaxing with their sex doll?

Which condom should I choose?

First of all, you need to choose the right condom size, because a condom that is too small or too tight can tear more easily and a condom that is too big can slip off more easily. A condom that is the wrong size can greatly affect your pleasure while playing with your sex doll.

Second, if your sex doll is made of TPE material, you should know that this material has more pores and is more difficult to clean and disinfect. Therefore, it makes the most sense to use sex doll-specific lubricants with non-lubricated water-soluble condoms. It will be much easier to clean sex dolls.

Cleaning after use

No matter you use TPE sex doll or silicone sex doll, you should pay attention to cleaning after use, especially for TPE sex doll, which material is designed for you to put more effort into disinfection and cleaning. So if you don’t want to start with boring and tedious cleaning after having fun with your sex doll, silicone sex dolls are the way to go!


Most of our love doll owners have found that wearing condoms while they have sex with the doll not only simplifies the application of safe lubricant to all the business parts but also simplifies cleanup immensely. Just make sure that you are using a condom if you are having sex with your doll while someone else does as well. Sharing the doll is an intimate act akin to having unprotected sex with the person sharing it if you and your living partner do not use condoms to protect yourself. Other than that, have fun, and clean the doll’s skin once a month to prevent dirt and buildup.

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