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Climax Doll (CLM Doll) has been an eight-year-old sex doll manufacturer. It has demonstrated a strong commitment to providing quality adult products and has established itself as a trusted name in the industry. Its excellent adult products are made of superior TPE or silicone material and features a variety of lifelike skin textures, including precisely created nipples, areolas, labia, and anus. The attention to detail is genuinely exceptional, resulting in a sensory experience that seems astonishingly close to the touch of a real human body.
Linkooerdoll is an authorized supplier of Climax Doll. Here you can find a variety of life-size sex dolls and affordable torso dolls from CLM Doll. The extensive collection ensures you will find the perfect doll for your preferences.

CLM Ultra Silicone Sex Doll

The CLM Ultra series of sex dolls have bodies and heads made of silicone. This series of dolls are full size dolls. The CLM Ultra series of dolls come in the following configurations: movable jaw, ROS (real oral sex) technology, articulated fingers, EVO & shrug skeleton, gel breasts, simulated real scalp wigs, advanced body painting and simulated the texture of real human skin. Unlike other brands with the same configuration, which requires payment, all these premium configurations of CLM Ultra series dolls are free of charge, no option to pay extra.

CLM Pro Hybrid Sex Dolls

All of the full size sex dolls in the CLM Pro series are a combination of TPE bodies and silicone heads. They are hybrid sex dolls made up of mixed materials. You can feel the realism of silicone head and also experience the soft TPE that is unique to CLM. The feeling of using it is very good. There is also the main point that TPE body and silicone head dolls are cheaper than full silicone dolls. The price of CLM Pro series dolls is more favorable than the price of full silicone dolls. Moreover,  in the body of CLM Pro series dolls, they are also matched the very high-level configuration, and it is free of charge, specifically these configurations: simulated scalp wigs, movable jaw, ROS (real oral sex) technology. articulated fingers, EVO&shrug skeleton and gel breasts. Such dolls currently include FD155cm Ginny, FD157cm Sola&Polly, and FD159cm Mouna.

CLM Classic Torso Sex Dolls

You can find a wide range of torso sex toys from CLM (Climax Doll). Our torsos are made of TPE and silicone, with TPE sex toys being softer and silicone sex toys being softer. TPE sex toys are softer, while silicone sex toys are more realistic and have more details to show.


In the ever-changing world of adult toys, innovation continues to push the envelope, providing a more lifelike and immersive experience. The above is an introduction to the three series of Climax Doll. We believes that variety is the spice of life,so we show you a wide variety of dolls for you to choose from. You can choose full-size sex dolls or torso sex dolls, cinnamon sex dolls or black sex dolls, etc. Whatever you want, it is up to you.

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