How Do I Get Parental Consent For Sex Doll?

It is true that we are already past the days when owning a life-size sex doll was seen as a symbol of loneliness or the worst loser. Now people from all walks of life are buying sex dolls, not because they are single, but because they want to explore their hidden sexual desires and seek a sex partner who will never leave them dry or complain about trivial things. But there’s always concern about how to get parental consent for a sex doll — especially if you live with them.

In this blog post we will outline a detailed process to get your parents approval that you own a life size sex doll. It is not to go rogue or be blunt about your sexual preferences. Instead, follow a slow and gradual process of informing your parents and getting their consent.

1. Give them “vague” news

Talking openly about your love for a life-size love doll is not recommended. Instead, start your conversations like, “Mom, I have news for you. You know, I want to buy something I’ve been craving for a while. I just needed your approval to proceed.” Your mother will be curious about what you are keen to get and will ask questions. Now start giving her “signals” about what to expect. Focus your conversation on your love life and try mentioning “sex doll” once or twice to gauge her reaction.

Based on her immediate reaction to the word “sex doll,” you’ll need to adjust your strategy. If she seemed angry or overly emotional, try diverting her attention by changing the subject. You know the rule: “Play slow, play safe.” Remember, she’s bound to go into shock – it’s a natural thing. If she’s not yelling or getting angry, then you need to step up your game.

2. Start mentioning “sex dolls” too often and sharing stories

Now that you’ve given her “hints,” it’s time to open up further about your desires. Tell your parents about your sexual desires over the phone, chat, or in person, and mention “sex dolls” every time you discuss your love life with them.

Speak highly of your future romantic partner at every opportunity and tell them how much you love having them in your life. Tell them you’ve already chosen your new partner and praise their beauty. Whatever qualities you wanted to see in your future wife, incorporate them into your stories. Let her know that she is your dream woman, the woman you always wanted to end up with.

3. Show them a look at your partner

By now your parents already know about your sexual preferences, and by not getting angry, they’ve sort of approved of it. It’s time to move beyond verbal stories and get practical.

Take advantage of digital technology and post your photos on Facebook or any other social media platform. Taking your snaps without raising suspicion might be difficult. A good strategy is to use low-quality, blunt or blurry photos of you and your sex doll, or use photo editing software to manipulate them appropriately. You can also dress her up in nice clothes and cover her face while you take photos to keep everyone guessing.

Your parents would probably realize how much love you have for your dream life-size sex doll. They would have no choice but to respect your feelings. Hopefully they’ll give you consent, whether they like it or not, at least for now. But I guarantee you, over time, they would memorize your choice.


Never push too hard to keep it a secret for eternity. You are not doing anything wrong or “too young” to buy and enjoy a sex doll. You have every right to fulfill your sexual desires and live your romantic life to the fullest.

Even if your parents are upset or unhappy with your choice, you should still go through with your plan to buy a cute little partner. Tell them your intentions in the most polite way that you cannot imagine your life without them; that you haven’t bought one just because you wanted their consent first. It may involve a brief period of awkwardness, but you will have to endure it. Hopefully they would understand that you are an adult and have every right to make your choices.

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