Why Should Not Buy a Sex Doll at $200?

When you see a sex doll priced at $200, do you want to place an order? Remember, there is a saying: you get what you pay for. If you order it, you will receive a poor-quality sex doll probably molded from recycled TPE or other inferior materials.

Transport alone represents more than $100 from China to USA. It is obvious that to offer a realistic doll at only $200, it is necessary to extract the maximum costs from everywhere. The TPE skeleton and skin will pay the price first.

Touch of Skin

There are only two materials used for sex dolls, namely TPE and silicone. They are different from each other and have their own advantages. Sex dolls made of these two materials not only look lifelike, but also feel very real, smooth and soft. Those sex dolls made of inferior materials often lack smooth and soft texture and have a very short life.


TPE and silicone are hypoallergenic materials, because they do not contain any dangerous chemicals that may cause allergic reactions. Buyers can hug or even kiss TPE or silicone sex dolls. In addition, high-quality real dolls will not be easily damaged by lubricants and standard cleaners. However, this is not the case with inferior sex dolls. Their synthetic materials are unknown, and they are likely to carry some unhealthy substances.

TPE Smell

During manufacture, the dolls are exposed to all kinds of residues and products that settle in the first surfaces of the skin. This results in a strong smell at some manufacturers, which disappears in a few days with the right cleaning on premium brands. However, on some inexpensive dolls, the smell sometimes persists for years despite dozens of cleanings.


The solder points of the skeletons on low-priced sex dolls are of poor quality. They break easily when under stress. Pelvis, knees and ankles are usually the first to give way without warning. The joints of the neck, even of the wrists, are close to the shower hose. The lifespan is limited to a few months, depending on use. Movements are also restricted. The dolls cannot hold any position, and their joints cannot support the weight of the arm or leg.


The sex doll at $200 is generally devoid of makeup or it is very ugly. Not necessarily a big problem either because unless you go on a silicone doll, you will have to put on makeup.


Depending on what you are looking for, the $200 doll might be a good deal for you, now you know what to expect. It is nevertheless very far from the experience of a quality love doll, both in terms of attachment and physical contact. Handling is more difficult, the doll is heavier, the smell can be very unpleasant, completely killing the charm.

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