How to Make Up the Lips&Nipples on Sex Dolls?

With the passage of time, everything of TPE sex dolls cannot remain unchanged, especially the makeup. Each rubbing and soaping will blur the beauty’s makeup. You will find that her lips and nipples that you like to kiss have faded. Don’t worry, I will explain the make-up skill of your love doll.

Almost everyone will be sad to find that colored clothes will stain the TPE doll’s skin. This stain will sink into TPE skin and is difficult to clean. It is based on this concept that we thought that if the color of clothes can penetrate into your TPE sex doll, so can cosmetics.

Lip Gloss Palette is a useful tool to fix dolls’ makeup. It has gorgeous colors and is perfect for mixing and creating your own colors. In addition, it can be sucked safely and without risk for TPE.

Why not choose eye shadow disk?

Compared with eye shadow, lip gloss has two advantages:

  1. Eye shadow is easier to remove than lip gloss.
  2. Lip gloss contains oil, which can moisturize and penetrate TPE sex doll more easily.

How to apply?

  1. Clean your love doll and dry her. Then apply lip gloss with a small brush, disposable eye shadow applicator or finger. In fact, the disposable eye shadow applicator works better.
  1. Apply the color to the desired area by tapping, and wait an hour or more.
  2. The lip gloss will slowly penetrate into TPE sex doll, and then use the index finger or fine brush to faint from the inside to the outside of the areola.

If you allow enough time for lip gloss to penetrate into the TPE doll’s skin, it will be as difficult to clean as the stain. You still need to do the above steps occasionally for your love doll, and the effect will be better.


Please pay attention to avoid the makeup of your sex doll when applying oil to her skin. In addition, frequent cleaning will damage all cosmetics within a few months. If you don’t like to make up sex dolls yourself, you can buy silicone sex dolls because their makeup is almost permanent. It is a great comfort that you almost never have to fix the makeup of your love doll. But you will say goodbye to TPE’s super softness!

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