Which Type of Sex Doll Breast You Should Choose

There are three types of female sex doll breasts: Solid Breast, Hollow Breast, Gel-filled Breast. Just as its name implies, the characteristics of each type are easy to understand. Their difference is the internal structure of the breast. Three types all have advantages and disadvantages.

Among these three types, solid breast is the hardest one, while hollow breast is the softest one. Gel-filled breast is the most expensive and realistic.

Solid Breast

Solid breast is made of the same material used to make sex dolls. Solid breast can maintain a beautiful shape, while hollow breast and jelly breast will droop. The shape of solid breast is always in a perfect shape and will not deform over time. Plump solid breasts are suitable for those who care about the breast shape. The solid breast option is recommended for customers who use dolls as mannequins for watching and shooting.

However, solid breasts are harder than the other two types. And the sex doll with solid breast is heavier than that with hollow breast in the same body. Once you learn about the characteristics of solid breast, you may avoid this type as a basic customization option when purchasing. Well, to each his own. Solid breast may be the ideal breast for other customers.

Hollow Breast

As the name implies, hollow breast is only filled with air. Compared with the other two, it is the softest. The skin thickness of doll breast made by different manufacturers is not completely consistent, so their hollow breasts feel different. Hollow breast is much lighter than the other two types of breasts in the same size. It is a common situation that life-size sex dolls, especially those with solid or gel-filled big breast, may be heavy to some customers. If you choose hollow breast for your sex doll, it will weigh about 3-4 kilograms less.

However, hollow breast tends to sag comparing to solid breast with a straight shape. After about two years, it is likely to deform. It is too light to be as realistic as the real female breast. Without the weight and pressure of the breast, its touch may not be perfect.

Gel-filled Breast

Gel-Filled breast is filled with very soft gel that make breast feel extremely realistic. Gel-filled breast has a natural weight as real female breast. It is softer than solid breast and more elastic than hollow breast.

However. it is common for gel-filled breast to become a little stiff when the temperature is very low. Moreover, it weighs more than the other two types of breasts in the same size. In addition, the cup option of gel-filled chest is also limited. You can’t choose a bra cup as big as a watermelon. If it is too large, it may not bear the weight and break. Gel-filled breast option usually have an additional fee, but it may be free in promo event time.

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