Do You Want Your Sex Doll Can Talk and Moan?

Do you want your sex doll can moan? Just select the sound/moaning system for your love doll on the customization page. With this system, the doll can moan to you when you have sex with her. Her soft groan makes your sex experience more vivid and inspire you to perform at your best. The sound/moaning system is very popular with sex doll customers. This post will introduce more information about the sound system of sex dolls and help you learn more.

How it work

Sex doll manufacturers install motion sensors inside the sex doll, and then connect the sound device to the sex doll’s head or other body parts. Sound system is manually controlled through the switch/button. After pressing, your love doll will make a groan when you touch or move her. Because groan is believed to have a positive impact on sexual experience, sex doll manufactures trust that it is perfect to install sound system in sex dolls. The sound system is slightly different to each manufacturer. Some manufactures only provide the moaning system, while some have designed advanced sex dolls that can respond to voice commands they receive. Robots Sex Doll, also known as AI Tech Robot Doll, can talk and interact with their owners as if they were real people.

Ordinary sound systems are basically randomized playing of recordings of people making sexual noises. They could be actual moans, or they could be saying arousing sentences in a very sexy way. Some sample sentences are “Oh yes, baby! I want you inside me!” or “Every inch of my body is yours!” They only come with pre-installed recordings in different languages. The most common languages are English, French and Chinese. However, AI Tech Robot Doll can upload customized audio. Just connect your AI Tech Robot Doll to the Internet, and she can learn any language you want and interact with you.

Where is it

Most sex doll manufactures install the sound system on the upper body of sex dolls. The moan emitted from the head will sounds more real. You can require to where to install the sound system. Sex doll’s head is the best place to install moaning device. With a wig, you won’t see any trace of the sound system.

How to charge it

The sound systems are not equipped with a backup battery. Most of them are equipped with rechargeable batteries. Charging the sex doll’s sound system is similar to how you charge your phone. You use a charging power chord. Plug the power chord on an electric outlet and insert the other end in the port on the sex doll. Its battery has hundreds of charging cycles. The chord supplies a low voltage/current to the moaning system ensuring it is safe touch the doll while the sound system is being charged.

Sex dolls with moaning systems are great. Sexy groan injects energy for you, making you more enjoyable in sex experience with your love doll. However, in some cases, you may just want your sex doll be very quiet. For example, you live with your family or in an apartment with thin walls. Others may hear your sex doll scream out, which is embarrassing. Adjustable volume is still not available for any sex doll. Manufacturers have a good chance of solving this problem. You can expect them to add this function to sex dolls in the near future.


  1. Don’t take a bath with the doll equipped with a sound system.
  2. Keep the charging ports or buttons moisture-free.
  3. Do not place any heavy objects on the head of the doll.
  4. Do not move the doll while charging the sound system.
  5. Make sure the charging port is properly sealed before taking your doll to the shower.

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