What Details Need to Know When Buying First Doll?

When you buy your first doll, there may be some customization things no showed in the website or your salesperson can’t tell you. These are things you will have to ask. You may know nothing about it if you have only recently come across sex dolls. For example, you can customize your doll in many different ways. You don’t have to buy the love doll exactly like the pictures. I advise anyone who is about to purchase a sex doll to contact the seller via email prior to purchase. You had better give them all your preferences, instead of just using the website to purchase the doll. Because you can’t know all the available options otherwise.

When you go to a seller’s website and find a doll you like, click on it. Then you can scroll down to see the customization options. Some websites will show you other options of different head types you can choose for your doll. Some providers won’t show you other head type options at all.

You buy your first doll may be because you like her smoking hot body. Her face may look good and all, but you like another doll’s face/head much better. In fact, you could have chosen another head to match the hot body you love. If you buy this other head that you like best, it will cost you more money. In those websites that won’t show other head options, their salespeople can’t tell you about this – unless you ask. How can you ask about this, when you don’t even know the heads can be detached from the body in the first place? Many new doll lovers don’t know this when they buy their first sex doll. They think head and body are one and the same.

So to be clear. If you find a doll whose face you really like, but with a body you’re not really interested in – you can choose the head only, then find a body you prefer. There are of course exceptions to this rule: the size of the dolls should be somewhat similar. You cannot choose the head from a 100cm and put it on a 170cm, since the head sizes will be different between them. If you are unsure which head goes on which body – ask your supplier.

A tip, while we’re on the subject of heads: You can buy a doll with two heads from the start, then use one head for oral sex, then use the other head for kissing or whatever you want to do with it. Some people never want to kiss their dolls after having oral sex with her, for hygienic reasons, even if you can wash your mouth with soap and water.

When you buy a doll in those websites with customization options, you will get a doll same as the option pictures. Her nipples and vagina will be the same color as the pictures. If you want a different color on her nipples and vagina, then you’ll have to request it before you place your order. You even can also ask for color around his anus.

In summary, if you have any ideas or needs, please be sure to communicate with customer service. For example, changing the head, pairing it with a taller body, asking about wig colors that are not in the options, and so on. In Linkooerdoll, we have a professional customer support team. If your question is not answered on our website, please send it to [email protected]. Occasionally, we may not be online, but we will contact you immediately when we come back.

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