New Sex Doll Heads & More

As another month goes by, sex doll brands continue to release new heads and bodies regularly. There’s just some new heads and bodies coming out every week. Here are some of the highlights from early March.


Zelex released 2 new heads. First is GE115, a very classic Zelex-style head with oral structure and moveable jaw. She’s featured on the 170cm body, and looks decent although her cheeks seem a bit sunken.

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They also released a new head called GE106 (silicone) on their 170cm TPE body. She has a sexy, model-like face, but doesn’t have oral structure or moveable jaw.

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They also took photos of some other silicone heads on the 170cm TPE body. Perhaps, they wanted to bring this TPE body back into the spotlight. Below are Heads GE95, GE97, and GE94.


Game Lady Doll released Head No. 12, a new head inspired by Yennefer from The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. The new Yennefer head greatly resembles her video game counterpart. The overall face, moles and blemishes, and even expression match almost perfectly. Also, they did a great job with the implanted hair and costume to tie it all together. Although her mouth is slightly opened, this hard silicone head doesn’t have oral structure or moveable jaw. They’ll probably release that version in the future.

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That wraps up another week of sex doll news. There were many interesting dolls and photos to look at. By the way, Linkooerdoll now offers great discount on made-to-order sex dolls and in-stock sex dolls. If you buy sex dolls in our website, don’t forget to apply the coupon at shopping cart.

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