How to Avoid Sex Doll Scam?

I can pretty much assure you that most of the sex doll scam websites on the Internet are not real. That is, you won’t really be able to order your dream sex doll from any of them. So if your choice is between paying in advance for a sex doll that is not yet available or cancelling and losing all of your money then my advice would be to think it over one more time. I have shared 3 tips about how to avoid sex doll scam before. In this post we will continue this topic.

Communicate with the seller

If you have any questions or requests, do not be ashamed to communicate with the seller. Because of this, it is important that the seller has the contact information listed on their website, as you are ultimately paying for an expensive treat. So you have the right to make sure everything is as it should be.

When communicating with a seller, also pay attention to their involvement, how they handle customer inquiries, and how professional they are in communicating with you. This will certainly give a good enough picture as to whether you should trust this seller or move on to something better.

Refund policy

This is also a very important thing to check before placing your order. Why? Because you are paying for an expensive item and you certainly don’t want any unpleasant surprises. Although rare, damage can occur during shipping and delivery. Therefore, it is not impossible for items to arrive at your door with damage.

Because of this, it’s important to do business with a seller who is willing to give a full refund for your product, as you certainly don’t want to be stuck with damaged goods that you probably paid a lot of money for.

Human errors are also possible, so the love doll may not arrive with the eye color you have chosen. In this case, it is very important that you contact your seller and get a compensation as the item did not live up to expectations.

Incredibly cheap prices

I’m sorry to tell you this, dear buyer, but if you’ve only paid for a beautiful but ridiculously cheap sex goddess you probably won’t get the same product you fell in love with, when you see the pictures.

Sales, discounts, and promotions are one thing reputable sellers often offer, but incredibly cheap prices are a big red flag. In-stock dolls might be sold at a lower price. However, a decent made-to-order sex doll that’s made from quality materials like silicone and TPE isn’t a cheap treat. These modern lovers tend to be an expensive investment.

Low-quality websites

Low-quality websites with odd features that are also unusually designed are also some red flags to watch out for. When going through descriptions or reviews on a company’s website, be sure to read the structure of the sentences and pay attention to details.

If there are a lot of wrong words or improper use of words and also poorly formed sentences then you should either stay away from this site to avoid a scam. If you see something there that you really like then try to communicate with the seller and make an informed decision meet by the outcome of the conversation.

Shipping Policy

The creation and delivery of sex dolls usually takes between 3-5 weeks depending on where you live and where you order the sex doll. The seller should always let you know when the doll ill be shipped so you can expect it at your door and not have to deal with an unpleasant surprise when the doll arrives when you least expect it.

Also, avoid buying an expensive silicone doll from sellers who don’t give you a tracking number as this can very easily turn out to be a costly mistake. Remember that without a tracking number you will not be able to locate your sex doll if it is lost, nor can you prove it.

At Linkooerdoll we offer free international shipping no matter where you are in the world. Additionally, we cover everything. Including any customs duties, required by the country the doll is traveling to. Additionally, once the doll is complete, we will send you factory pictures to confirm that the doll you have selected meets your exact specifications. To ensure your total discretion, your sex doll will come in plain packaging with no markings on the box. Once the doll has shipped, you will be emailed a tracking number. Therefore, you can know exactly when to expect your purchase.


Unfortunately, scammers are everywhere. They are constantly getting creative with new ideas to steal the unsuspecting consumer’s money by falsely promoting their wares.

You should always do thorough online research regardless of the item you are purchasing to avoid a scam. But it is especially important when investing your money in an expensive pleasure like TPE or silicone sex dolls.

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