Men Prefer Women with Feminine Curves

Undoubtedly – top-styled women with model dimensions are a beautiful sight. Such a body requires a lot of discipline, sport and a sophisticated nutritional concept. But numerous surveys and studies by national and international women’s and men’s magazines show that most men prefer women with feminine curves to slim and fit women. Flawless women often appear unapproachable, too perfectionistic and unrealistic. Men often have doubts about whether they can compete with a woman who puts all her energy into her looks. Since very few men are perfect, they prefer to devote themselves to women whom they can meet on an equal footing.

But women with curves are not a trend of modern times. More and more women are pursuing a slim figure and hate the fat on their bodies. The reasons why men prefer to give their hearts to women with feminine attributes are as simple as they are conclusive. Women with pronounced curves symbolize prosperity, health, a relaxed lifestyle and fertility – this awakens deeply rooted primal instincts in men then as now.

With a woman with distinctive curves, men don’t have to worry about losing shape. He is quickly forgiven for his own little flaws and life can be enjoyed without deprivation. So there is a good reason why many stars with fat hips, big butts and pronounced feminine features are so successful. Kim Kardashian, Beyoncé Knowles and Jennifer Lopez are just a few examples of how sex appeal doesn’t need skinny measurements. A valuable insight that should give every woman a sigh of relief.

Even in the area of lifelike, high-quality love and life dolls, these needs of men are clearly reflected. The list of hot selling dolls also confirms that the demand for dolls with natural dimensions and clearly defined female curves is constantly increasing. These curvy sex dolls serve not only as objects for erotic fantasies, but also as companionship.

Curvy sex dolls have luscious breasts and wide hips, which makes these dolls look sexier. Their bigger breasts are very easy to attract people’s attention. Curvy sex dolls perform well and satisfactorily in your bed. It’s really wonderful to hold them in your arms. Physical contact with them makes things more intimate and fulfilling. Curves tend to be fluid. This means that if you move her, her body will move with every push you give her. When her sexy body shakes with you, it can make you crazy and more excited.

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