How Are Sex Dolls Made?

Many people are obsessed with the perfect lifelike sex doll, but most people do not know how the sex doll is made. This post will tell how are sex dolls made.

Step1  Making Skeleton

Workers use steel skeleton to simulate the bones of human body. The joints are connected by gears, which makes the joints of the real doll rotate flexibly and ensures the movability of the skeleton. The skeleton is the most important structure of the doll. Only by laying a good foundation can a perfect sex doll be made.

Step2  Assembling Skeleton Structure

The mechanical skeleton structure of the sex doll is precisely assembled according to the skeleton structure of the human body. The standard skeleton can satisfy the sex doll to complete some basic movements. The high-end EVO skeleton allows shoulder movement. Shoulders movement are added to the sex doll’s body language expression. The sex doll with shrugged shoulders looks more vivid, enhancing your experience.

Step 3 Placing Skeleton

Workers places the skeleton in the mold according to the height and figure requirements selected by customers. The skeleton is carefully fixed in the center of the mold with wire to prevent it from moving. In addition, handling the finger structure carefully. The craftsman twined the thin thread between the nail and the mold, winding it around each finger one by one, so that the finger bones were in the palm.

Step 4 Fixing the Mold

After the skeleton is placed, then workers will fix the mold. The heated liquid material is poured into the mold from the top. After the material is cured, take out the sex doll. The newly formed sex doll body will be put into a bucket to wash away the dirt. Keeping the dolls clean will help make the follow-up work more smooth.

Step 5 Severing Edges

Since the molds cannot be completely closed together, a small amount of material fluid will penetrate into the gap and opening between the two molds, forming traces. The craftsman carefully dissolved the rough edges of the sex doll’s body with the electric rod, making the skin transition more natural and smooth. For perfect skin, every small flaw needs to be repaired. Scratches and blemishes on the skin are locally heated and smoothed with sandpaper. In order to ensure that the doll is perfect, the body repair work usually takes a day or more, which requires care and patience.

Step 6 Cleaning & Powdering

After Step 5, scour the stains or chemicals that have just been heated to make the sex doll cleaner and safer. After drying the wet doll body under high pressure, apply powder to prevent oil leakage.

Step 7 Customizing Doll

After cleaning sex dolls, our craftsmen will customize these love dolls according to the customer’s requirements, such as hair implantation, areola size, the color of nail, areola and labia, etc. We attach great importance to the requirements of customers and try our best to satisfy our customers. Before shipment, we will send the factory photos to our customers. If our customers are not fully satisfied with the sex doll looks in the factory photos, we will be willing to make adjustments to the makeup or fix any other problems. We won’t ship the doll without approval. However, the order cannot be changed any longer once it’s shipped.

Step 8 Storage

The finished sex doll body will be hung and covered with plastic bags to prevent dust.

The above is basically the whole process of making sex dolls. A real sex doll, when you ask the price, you will think it is very expensive. However, if you know craftsmen’s efforts and craft of making a doll, you may think the price is very reasonable. Each real doll is an elaborately carved work of art, which is worth cherishing and loving. Customize your love doll in!

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