Why Are 3 Screws under the Feet of a Sex Doll?

Often considered inelegant, the 3 metal screws presented under the soles of the sex dolls nevertheless have an undeniable utility. This option, called “Standing Feet” on our website, includes reinforcement at the ankles and 3 screws per leg.

You will find that these 3 screws are removable and can be removed by hand. This can be useful if aesthetics is an issue for you. By filling the holes with small pieces of TPE and using a suitable TPE glue, you can make these screws disappear completely as if nothing had happened. Note that some manufacturers like ZELEX Doll, Gamelady Doll, Irontech Doll and FJ Doll offer the Standing Feet without visible screws.

3 screws that make everyday life easier and more fun

These 3 screws will allow to do something in particular:
– make your sex doll stand up in perfect autonomy;
– protect the TPE presented under the soles of the feet (this TPE will no longer be in direct contact with the ground);
– offer a point of support for dressing, cleaning, transport and handling … it is therefore a significant help in use. You may consider cleaning your standing love doll in the shower, for example.

Without this option, it will simply be impossible for you to make your sex doll stand up (even leaning against a wall). In this configuration, all the weight of the doll would rest on the heels and would excessively crush the material located under the feet. The damage would be irreversible. Without this option, you will not benefit from any support at the level of the legs. And I assure you that it is a big shortfall when considering certain positions when dressing, cleaning or for travel. For all these reasons, we strongly recommend this option.

Beyond the purely technical and practical aspects of a doll capable of standing on its own, you will also like this option because it will offer you:
– additional possibilities during your photo shoots ;
– additional possibilities during your erotic games.

Is it possible to hide the screws under the feet of your love doll?

Yes, you can encapsulate these screws with anti-slip caps or flesh-colored caps. Some love doll owners use a silicone sock to protect the feet . They are light, soft, non-toxic, safe and provide stability. Ventilation holes allow the feet to breathe and let moisture escape. They can be worn under or over shoes, are reusable and washable. If you are a customer of ours and wish to have this type of sock, do not hesitate to let us know. We will try to provide them to you.

Can I make my doll stand up with shoes?

Yes, your sex doll can stand in shoes (even with soft soles). On the other hand, for the reasons mentioned above, high heels will be incompatible with this position. The toes would then be the only points of support for the entire weight of your doll: the point of balance would then be impossible to find.

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