Does You Sex Doll Have Stiff Joints?

Sex dolls not only look very realistic, but also can pose like humankind. Craftmen precisely assemble the steel mechanical skeleton structure of the sex dolls according to the skeleton structure of the human body. In addition, the joints are connected by gears, which makes the joints of the real doll rotate flexibly and ensures the movability of the skeleton. If your sex doll is new or stored for a long time with low use frequency, you may find that her joints are stiff and somewhat difficult to move. Don’t worry, it’s normal.

Why sex dolls have stiff joints?

Manufactures like to give sex doll stiff joints. Because quite many sex doll buyers use sex doll for photography. Your new sex doll can be a little bit challenging to manipulate. You have to use a lot of force to move her elbows and knees. The results will be totally worth it. She can hold poses long enough for you. Your picture will look sophisticated and she will look super realistic.

If you sex doll is your sex partner, stiff joints are good for some hot positions. Such as missionary position, when you gaze into her eyes while taking her, wraping her legs around your waist without falling. If you like to look at her butt, you will definitely go for doggy-style position. She won’t collapse when you pound her really hard from behind.

As the using times of the sex dolls increases, the friction between her joints will become smaller, and the joints will become more and more loose.

As for the sex doll that are stored for too long, there are two reasons for her stiff joints. One is low using frequency. The other is there is no oil to lubricate joints. If you are a buyers for TPE sex dolls, you probably know that TPE is full of oil. In the producing process, the manufacturer adds oil to the ingredients to achieve realistic softness of dolls. it can prevent the doll’s skin from cracking and tearing.

In addition, oil ensures the lubrication of sex dolls’ joints. Without oil, the joints can become noisy, or even completely blocked. The long-term storage of your sex doll in a specific position may have caused the oil to move to more remote areas of the skeletal joints. And this oil displacement can, medium to long term, make it difficult to manipulate a skeletal joint.

How to loose the stiff joints of sex dolls?

1.Bend and twist stiff joints regularly

If you bend doll’s joints every day, they will be much looser in the first few weeks. The joints will make a slight squeak, which is normal and will become less obvious as time goes by.

2.Supply oil to the stiff joints

You will need a syringe with a needle that is long (between 5 and 7cm, or 2 to 3 inches) and thick enough to inject the oil. If you are worried that you might not be able to do it, you can practice on a TPE sample.

Once ready, massage and target the area where the skeletal joint needs to be lubricated. The aim is to identify the metal area where the limb is rotated. Once the area has been located, insert the needle gently and proceed with the injection. Do not attempt to touch the joint directly. The idea here is to get as close as possible to the joint and let gravity work its way into the targeted metal area. By trying to make direct contact with the metal joint, you risk having the needle break inside your TPE real doll. Once finishing the injection, let the oil sink and naturally reach the skeletal joint. Leave it for a full day. This method does not apply to full silicone sex dolls. Mineral or synthetic oils can degrade or destroy silicone.

Be careful not to twist the silicone or TPE unnaturally. Although the doll’s joints are strong, bending them in an unnatural way or forcing the doll into positions that are difficult for most people can lead to broken joints.

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