Why Is A Sex Doll Expensive?

Sex dolls are a treasure for sex doll lovers and collectors, but a sex doll is an expensive toy for someone who never knows it at the first time, and everyone knows that the inflatable sex doll is much cheaper than a realistic sex doll, so the lifelike sex doll really worth the money?

Sex dolls are made from materials that feel realistic, that are soft and smooth, and even shake like real breasts and buttocks that you cannot find in an inflatable sex doll. If you are still confused as to why the price of a sex doll is so high, look no further, today we are going to explain your question here.


Silicone and TPE are the most popular materials used to make sex dolls. Silicone material is more expensive than TPE, but both create a realistic and safe sex doll. These two materials bring you a lifelike feeling when you use the sex doll, the butt and breasts can shake, be soft, just like a real woman. Therefore, if you need a healthier and safer doll, the price will go up.

However, the cheaper inflatable sex dolls are filled with air. They don’t give you a good sex experience but boring daily masturbation. When you have sex with a silicone or TPE doll, you may forget that you are even with a doll.


The competition in the sex doll market is fiercer than ever, the sex doll stores are trying their best to attract the customers. So here comes the AI ​​sex doll, an AI robot. Artificial intelligence sex dolls can moan and groan when you touch the appropriate places. An AI sex doll can talk to you, laugh at your jokes, move her head and lips, and make other facial expressions. This type of doll can interact with you, have a sexual conversation or a non-sexual conversation with you, so the price may be higher than you thought. The price of a regular AI sex doll ranges from $3000 to $12000.

Customization Options

As you start adding some features to your love doll, the price will go up all the time. Customizing a sex doll is a huge investment. If you want a sex doll to look exactly how you want it, you should pay the price. You can customize the hair, makeup, breasts, legs, butt, pubic hair, skin tones on the sex doll. Even if you only provide a picture of a woman, they can make your dream come true. So if you add a lot of features, the price will cost you not just hundreds but thousands.


Yes, the last factor is resellers. Some sex doll shops are only reseller, they don’t produce or develop the sex doll, but reseller of a sex doll factory. However, sex doll factories need to make more profit in order to offer the higher price to a reseller, and resellers do the same to increase their selling price. After all, the price is much higher than it should be, sometimes overpriced.


Sex dolls are no longer a luxury product. Some are really expensive because they are a better and smarter product than they used to be, but some are affordable because the materials used to make the doll are less expensive than before. As long as you find the doll’s value, it must be worth any money you spend on it.

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