How to Repair TPE Sex Doll?

Sex dolls are beautiful creations. They have delicate faces, sexy bodies and smooth skin. Silicone sex doll tends to be firm and highly durable. TPE sex doll‘s body is softer than silicone sex doll because TPE has little density. If the doll is not taken care of when it is stored and moved, it is likely to suffer some damage, such as dents, scratches, and breaks. For serious damage, you can contact the seller to repair it, but you can repair some less severe damage by yourself.

Repair Dents by Hairdryer

The dents of TPE sex doll may be caused by being pressed or hit by a heavy object. If it is not stored in a proper way, TPE sex doll’s body will be dented.

You can cover the dents with a warm wet towel and heat it with a hairdryer. Choosing a white towel can avoid doll’s skin staining. After heating the doll continuously, you will notice that the dent will gradually disappear. Severe dents are difficult to repair. When your sex doll’s skin is heated by the hairdryer, you can put on gloves and pat severe dents. Heat the doll and pat the dent alternately until the dent is flat.

Repair Scratches by Heat Gun

Firstly, use Vaseline or baby oil to clean the scraped part of TPE sex doll. They can also make the heat more evenly distributed on the sex doll’s skin.

Secondly, heat the scratch with a heat gun. Be careful to keep the distance between the heat gun and TPE sex doll‘s skin be at least 10cm. Otherwise, the doll’s skin will be severely burned. The melting point of TPE sex doll is about 110 ℃. You need to often use an infrared thermometer to measure the real-time temperature of your sex doll.

Finally, you should gently smooth the irregular scratches of TPE sex doll with a spatula. After repeated heating and smoothing for several times, the scraped part will be repaired. The temperature of the sex doll’s skin drops rapidly. Therefore, it is necessary to smooth the scratches as soon as possible after the heating is stopped.

Repair Breaks by TPE Repair Solvent

Firstly, you need to use a makeup remover wipes to gently remove the dirt from the crack. Make sure that other particles or oil stains do not adhere to the cracks of your TPE sex doll.

Secondly, use a spatula to evenly apply TPE repair solvent to the breaks, and slowly press the crack together for 2-5 minutes.

Finally, wipe out the repair solvent with wipes. Before the solvent is completely dry, use little medical alcohol to remove excess solvent remaining on the doll’s skin. This TPE sex doll can be stored after being left to stand for 24 hours.

TPE Repair Solvent is a special solvent. Its function is to melt the break slightly and bond the break by applying pressure. The repaired break is not easy to rupture again. TPE Repair Solvent are specially developed for repairing small breaks in TPE sex dolls. It has been developed through many tests. This solvent meets strict standards and is harmless to human body.

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