How to Remove Makeup for Sex Dolls?

For most customers, sex doll is a real partner who gives them love and companionship. They treat these sex dolls like intimate partners. They talk to them and play with them. You can make up them and let them wear beautiful clothes and nice jewelry. They can be different roles and have different styles by personalized dressing. If you want to paint a more beautiful makeup on your doll’s face, you must first remove her original makeup.

There are two types of sex doll heads: silicone head and TPE head. Makeup is fixed when the sex doll leaves the factory. Its makeup is designed by professional designers.

The makeup of TPE head is relatively simple. Generally, there are only eye makeup and lip makeup. Due to the weak adhesion of TPE face skin, the makeup will fade after long use and frequent cleaning. The makeup of the silicone head is quite fine. The special pigment used in the silicone head will not drop after cleaning. The makeup of silicone head is hard to remove without experienced and mature professionals. Therefore, we just discuss how to remove makeup on TPE head.

Preparation for Removing Makeup: TPE-safe makeup remover, cosmetic cotton pad, baby talcum powder, doll head stand holder, tweezers, soft cloth, and water below 50 ˚ C.

Firstly, take off the sex doll’s head and put it on the head stand holder.

It is troublesome that powder or water is contaminated on the sex doll’s body. With the head stand holder, it is not easy to make mistakes when making up and removing makeup.

Secondly, take off your sex doll’s eyeballs and wig.

Gently pull down the lower eyelid of your sex doll, and then insert tweezers into the eye cavity to take out her eyeballs. The eyeballs of sex dolls are generally hemispherical and hollow, filled with cotton. They can be easily pulled out. Taking off the eyeballs can protect them from being stained by colorful cosmetics.

Thirdly, apply TPE-safe makeup remover.

Some manufacturers will give TPE-safe makeup remover as a gift. If not, you can buy it online. Soak the cosmetic cotton pad in makeup remover, put it on your sex doll’s face for a few seconds. And then gently remove her eye-shadow, blusher and lipstick with the cotton pad. It is not recommended to remove eyeliners and eyelashes unless your make-up skill is good. Remember to replace the soaked cotton pad in time because the cotton dust may stick on your sex doll’s face. Most skin color of TPE sex dolls is fair. Therefore, they don’t wear foundation.

Finally, wash your sex doll’s face and dry her.

Clean the face with a wet soft cloth, absorb the residual water with a dry cloth and then dry the doll head. After that, powder face with baby talcum powder.

1 hour later, you can start to paint a pretty makeup on your love doll’s face.

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