Does Your Sex Doll Get Greasy?

It must upset you that your sex doll’s skin sometimes gets greasy. Dolls becoming greasy is determined by the characteristics of the sex doll’s raw materials. In the producing process, the manufacturer adds oil to the ingredients to achieve realistic softness of dolls. It’s normal that your doll becomes greasy appropriately and the oil is harmless to human through contacting human skin directly. However, there is a problem if your doll gets greasy seriously. Some unscrupulous merchants will use inferior raw materials to make dolls in order to obtain lower costs and higher profits. Therefore, you should buy certified products for better experience and longer companionship

High-quality silicone sex dolls hardly get greasy, while TPE sex dolls are relatively easy to become greasy. Greasiness of sex dolls is related to the quality of raw materials used by the manufacturer, as well as the daily care by the customers. Greasy sex dolls will touch astringent and sticky, and their skin is easy to be stained with dust and hair fibers. Therefore, regular maintenance is particularly important to ensure the smooth and soft touch of your sex doll’s body

Before delivery, the manufacturer will powder sex dolls with harmless talcum powder to avoid excessive oil during long-distance transportation, which will affect the initial experience of users.

When you receive your sex doll, you can consider taking her for a bath. The temperature at which we usually take a bath is acceptable for sex dolls. TPE sex dolls are sensitive to temperature. Remember not to wash your TPE sex dolls with water above 50 ˚C. TPE may be deformed due to high temperature and this kind of deformation is irreversible. After drying your sex doll, you should apply a proper amount of baby talcum powder on your doll’s skin evenly by using a powder puff. The baby talcum powder is not harmful to human. It’s ok to kiss your sex doll, and its smell and feel are the best.

Tips: You had better often powder your sex dolls to avoid getting mildewed in the humid weather. If you plan to store your sex doll for a period of time, you should also powder your sex dolls carefully before storing.

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