Questions about Sex Doll’s Holes

TPE sex dolls have 3 holes, and silicone dolls have 2 holes for the silicone head is not soft enough to have an oral cavity. Oral hole and anal hole are fixed in every sex doll, while vagina can be fixed or inserted in sex dolls.

How to Clean Sex Doll’s Holes?

Cleaning the inserted vagina is very convenient. You can first remove it from doll’s body, clean it with warm water and baby body wash, and then dry it.

The cleaning process of fixed private parts is relatively complicated.
1. Put your sex doll in the bathtub and wash her private part. Be careful keep her neck dry and stave off rusting.
2. Cut the sponge into long strips, clamp one piece with tweezers and soak it in warm water.
3. Apply antibacterial soap to the sponge to ensure that the coating is complete.
4. Insert the sponge into the vaginal, anal or oral hole, and use tweezers to move it around the orifice until it is completely cleaned.
5. Take out the sponge, wash it with warm water, and repeat the above steps again.
6. Clamp a dry strip sponge and insert it into the private parts to absorb water.
7. Wrap the paper towel with strong water absorption at the end of the tweezers and put it in the private parts again.
8. After drying your sex doll completely, you should powder the private part with baby talcum powder.

You can also buy a steel anus cleaning shower online and use it to clean your love doll with baby shower gel. Don’t use plastic cleaning shower because it can easily scratch your love doll.

Regardless of the cleaning method, remember to cover sex doll’s body with a soft towel and gently pat it dry after washing. Never wipe it with force to avoid abrasion or scratch on the surface of your sex doll. You can also insert a tampon or diatomite water-absorption stick into the inside of the private part to absorb the moisture. They have strong power of water absorption and are easy to take out

How to Remove the Mildew in Sex Doll’s Holes?

If the mildew on your sex doll is not serious, you can directly pour Phlogistic Anti Mucedine Lotion for Woman into the moldy private parts. It is better to inject it in 2-3 times, and let it be absorbed for 20-30 minutes each time. This medicine can not only sterilize but also directly inhibit bacteria. However, it has a bad smell. After using it, you need to let your sex doll take 1-2 baths and wash her baby shower gel to completely remove the odor.

If the mildew on your sex doll is serious, you can apply mildew remover. Firstly, dry the moldy private parts. Secondly, apply the mildew remover about 3mm thick to the moldy part and leave for three to five hours. Finally, gently brush the moldy part with a small brush, wash it with baby shower gel and dry it. Don’t forget to powder the private part with baby talcum powder.

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