What Can You Do With Your Doll Besides Sex?

Sex doll’s beautiful face, plump breasts and perfect figure attract men of all ages. However, what prevents most people from buying sex dolls without hesitation is the high price. Life-size sex dolls usually sell for $1000 to $2000. Is it worth spending a lot of money on a sex doll? Although love dolls are labeled with sex, one of the main reasons why some people buy these love dolls is not only for sex, but also for company. It is a dream for some men to have a beautiful life-size doll that looks and feels real. Sex dolls are partners who will never nag, complain, judge you or cheat you.

In addition, you can do 5 interesting things with your sex dolls


If you feel lonely sleeping alone in bed at night, sex dolls are very perfect for you. The experience she offers you is no different from what a real woman offers. Her soft, lifelike body is perfect for hugging. You can hug her, kiss her, caress her, and even watch movies with her. You can wake up every morning to see a beautiful face and kiss her on the forehead at night. Yes, sex dolls bring not only sexual experience, but also companionship. Everyone can get more love from sex dolls.

Dress up Your Doll

You’ll be surprised how addictive it is to be able to dress up your own life-size love dolls. It’s like customizing your female characters in online games. When you buy a sex doll, she is yours. You can set her dress, her makeup, her personality and her background story as you like. It is so interesting to match clothes for your love doll that you will forget that she is just a doll.


Sex dolls can be excellent models for artists to paint and design. These realistic dolls can help artists draw human bodies without hiring models. Do you remember the art room where artists formed a circle and drew a naked person in the center? You don’t need to hire a naked woman to be your model, because you have a lifelike sex doll. You can place your love dolls in any position, so that you can draw and design very realistic drawings without actual mannequins. The possibilities are endless. Sex dolls will definitely improve your art skills of drawing people.


Sex dolls are an amazing photographic theme. Most of the more expensive dolls have very realistic faces and bodies with accurate proportions. If you like something special, you can choose fantasy sex dolls. They can be placed anywhere you want, because they have a metal skeleton under them, and you can move and position their joints. These joints lock in place, giving photographers the opportunity to practice their photography skills with models that they have complete control over. If you plan to take pictures of your dolls, make sure you get a doll with standing feet for more posing options.

Video Production

You can use sex dolls to make a large number of different types of videos. They can be used as props or actors in movies. Here I have ever introduced several films with sex dolls. Some sex doll lovers, such as DollLove and WiassPlus, will make videos of themselves having sex with dolls and then publish them on pornographic video websites. DollLove is a verified creator of Pornhub content. He makes videos of himself having sex with various sex dolls and makes money from them. His video has millions of views. WiassPlus has channels on many pornographic websites, most famous for having sex with lifelike anime dolls, and he is very popular. He has a website where he sells videos of himself having sex with dolls.

In addition to having sex with sex dolls, these are 5 things you can do with sex dolls. The possibilities are endless. I hope you like this post. Maybe it will help to prove the rationality of your purchase of expensive sex dolls and let you know more about what you can do with your love dolls.

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