MITICA: First Sex Doll Café

MITICA is the first sex doll maid cafe in the world, which was launched in Taiwan, China in May 2021. This cafe is very successful, attracting local people and tourists from all over the world.

MITICA is located in a crowded street. Guo Yuda, the boss, rents a shop in the new building with a space of more than 100 square meters. The monthly rent, including management fees, is estimated to be about NT $60000 to NT $70000. The first floor serves as a maid doll display and catering area, while the second floor serves as a dressing area for maid dolls. In addition, the shop also has a doll repair room. The equipment is complete there.

Guo Yuda, 42 years old, was originally engaged in advertising planning. Because of the decline in income due to the epidemic, he began to import silicone dolls for sale on the Internet, and the sales volume was very good. During the epidemic, his online orders were 20-30% more than usual. Therefore, he came up with the idea of opening a silicone doll café using a method of combining online services and offline services. Later, MITICA also expanded services such as makeup and maintenance of silicone dolls.

MITICA is not only the first sex doll maid cafe in Taiwan, China, but also in the world. This cafe attracts the attention of the public, and some people have a strong aversion to MITICA. Some neighbors complained to the local authorities that MITICA affected the social atmosphere. Fortunately, the local department sent personnel to inspect MITICA and determined that there was no violation of the law, which enabled it to continue to operate.

MITICA welcomes customers of all ages, including children. Maid dolls are more like beautiful decorations than objects with sexual labels. In addition to enjoying the visual beauty, customers can also taste coffee and various Japanese cuisine. Customers can touch these dolls. If they like them, they can buy them directly from the factory of physical dolls through MITICA.

MITICA has dolls from famous brands such as Gynoid, TAYU, Sino Doll, DS Doll, and more. They all have different bodies and heads and wear elegant and sexy maid clothes. Many dolls are fixed on metal supports, but some dolls sit or pose in cafes. Recently, they acquired Game Lady’s Tifa and Aerith-inspired dolls, as well as realistic dolls from JY and FU Doll.

MITICA has been in business for more than a year. How was MITICA today? The fact is that MITICA is more prosperous than ever before. Not only because it combines sex dolls with cafes, but also because its boss never stops his silicone doll business. Guo Yuda is developing her own brand every day. He hosts several live broadcasts every week, discussing topics ranging from business and health to music and art. He manages cafes, interacts with customers, and oversees his online stores. In addition, he is the head of the Taiwan Sex Doll Association and has expanded his business to multiple locations. His enthusiasm for the silicone doll business contributed to the great success of MITICA to a large extent.

As sex dolls become increasingly popular, it’s not surprising to see doll communities forming in various countries. Although there’s still massive stigma surrounding sex dolls, Guo Yuda has gone above and beyond to combat it in Taiwan, China. His ever-expanding business regularly to puts silicone dolls in the spotlight, as all his shops, locations, and online content are open to the public. It’s amazing to see Guo Yuda integrate dolls into everyday life and bring the doll community closer together in Taiwan.

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