New Sex Dolls from Zelex and Irontech

New sex dolls from Zelex and Irontech is available on our official website

Zelex Doll released 160cm, 165cm and 166cm sex dolls with TPE body and silicone head. They all have beautiful and realistic faces and bodies. Zelex is a relatively new brand on TDF but has been around since 2017. They own the subsidiaries WAXDOLL (Silicone) and AXB Doll (TPE). These brands are popular in Asia but not very well-known in the West. They specialize in super realistic faces, and tall life-like dolls. They are considered the best-bang-for-your-buck when it comes to full-sized silicone dolls.

Irontech Doll released two new silicone sex dolls. One has fair skin and asian face, while the other has black skin and western face. Irontech Doll is a brand that started gaining traction in 2018. They are known for their artistic style, with beautiful Western faces, realistic bodies, and quality material. If you’re into pretty and unique dolls with cartoony Western features, you’ll love Irontech Doll. Their new Silicone dolls feature more realistic faces.

Here are some pictures of new sex dolls.

Zelex 160cm Body with GE93 Head

Zelex 165cm Body with GE07 Head

Zelex 165cm Body with GE52 Head

Zelex 165cm Bodt with GE57 Head

Zelex 166cm Body with GE90 Head

Irontech 160cm Body with S19 Head

Irontech 166cm Body with S32 Head

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