How Long is a Sex Doll’s Service Life?

How long can your doll last? There is no specific description to define the specific time range of sex doll’s exact service life. However, materials used for making dolls, usage frequency, doll’s cleaness, harmful solvents and storage conditions will directly affect the service life of adult dolls.


The raw material and formula for making sex dolls varies from manufacturers, which will also affect the service life of adult dolls. Although silicone are more expensive than TPE, dolls made of silicone are more durable than dolls made of other materials. So when choosing dolls, you had better choose silicone dolls or high-quality TPE dolls.

Usage Frequency

The use frequency of your love doll is one of the factors that affect her service life. If your adult doll is used frequently for a long time, all parts of the doll are likely to be severely worn. If your sex doll is not made of high-quality materials, some parts may even fall off. This is the reason why some dolls are removable or have replaceable parts.


Just like we have to take a bath every day to keep clean and healthy, your sex dolls also need to be washed to keep clean and prolong their service life. If you plan to purchase sex dolls, please be prepared to assume the responsibility of cleaning sex dolls. If your adult doll is not cleaned, various bacteria and microorganisms will accumulate on her skin, thus damaging her skin texture, and you may also be infected with fungal or bacterial diseases.

Harmful Solvents

It is wrong that some sex doll buyers use alcohol-based detergents to remove stains from the sex dolls. Try to avoid using alcohol and touching anything containing alcohol. Alcohol will react with TPE and corrode TPE. If the staining is not serious, you can apply some olive oil. Oily lubricants are also harmful solvents for your love doll. Lubricants help to lubricate the skin of sex dolls. However, even the best sex dolls can be damaged by oily lubricants. Oily lubricants will leave stains on the body of an adult doll, damaging her material texture. Therefore, you should avoid using oily lubricants. You can choose water-based lubricant, which has a good affinity and is harmless to your love doll.

Storage Conditions

The storage conditions also have a great impact on your doll’s service life. The body of your sex doll may appear dented, cracked or torn. Her arms, knees and lower cubicles are more prone to dents. Here is how to store your love doll. In addition, the ambient temperature for storing your sex dolls cannot be too high or too low. You should store your beloved girls at normal room temperature. If you can’t avoid placing sex doll in a stuffy or cold room, you should ensure that the room is equipped with portable dehumidifiers, air conditioners or heaters according to the temperature changes.

Your maintenance of your love doll is the key to extending her service life. If you can take good care of your adult doll and pay attention to the above points, her service life may reach more than 10 years. If you don’t cherish your doll, her service life may not exceed one year.

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