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Although the proportion of elf sex dolls in the sex doll market is not large, the development of elf sex dolls has indeed added an indispensable highlight to the sex doll industry. SEDOLL has serval elf sex dolls, the most popular of which are Elsa and Samantha.

150cm Elsa

Elsa is an evil elf born on Halloween. She has a charming small oval face with silver gray hair and gleaming blue eyes. Her irregular reddish lines painted around her eyes seem to cover up the ferocious scars. She always walks alone at midnight, and she is able to see everything in the dark. Elsa and humanity share a world where black and white are reversed, where the sky is always black and the shadow is always white.

150cm Samantha

Samantha is a dark elf with sheep’s horns. Her face has a mysterious black pattern. Her bright purple eyes look like the stars in the sky. Black and purple are her theme colors. You can imagine her flying over the forest and fields. Samantha is very popular on the page of Elf Sex Dolls. Her body supports various options such as shrug, tongue, heating, etc. Your choice is making Samantha infinitely close to reality!

151cm Olivia

Olivia, also called Purple Elf, has a pretty oval face with purple long hair. She has got fair skin and big black eyes. Her lips like the rose of the dawn, make you want to kiss her. Her 151cm body and slender waist make her look small and lovely. Olivia‘s raspberry-like tits are very attractive, which makes people want to knead her breasts. You can dress up Olivia and change her style, making her be your photography or painting model. You can even put it at home as a decoration.

150cm Amanda

Amanda‘s crown and heart-shaped face make her look very friendly. Amanda is a pretty Flower Elf. She has sharp ears and her eyes are blue as the starry sky. She has the magic to make flowers bloom. Where Amanda dances, seeds sprout and flowers bloom. Her body with the shrugging function has won the hearts of many photographers, and the EVO skeleton allows Amanda to challenge more poses. After choosing the voice function, you must look forward to Amanda’s beautiful voice.

168cm Luis

Luis is a brave Warrior Elf. Her 168cm body is closer to the real height of ordinary women, which is a suitable choice for the public. Her F cup breast and abdominal lines have greatly added highlights for her perfect figure. Choosing the softest jelly breast for her will give you a more real touch. Compared with the petite elves, Luis has the advantage of freely switching between female sex doll and elf sex doll, because she has no facial tattoos. Therefore, she can also pretend to be an ordinary female adult doll.

151cm Sylph

Sylph is the Wind Elf of the elven race, in charge of the wind in the elven kingdom. She is also called White Elf due to the white pattern that crosses her face. Compared to other facial textures, Sylph’s facial pattern may not be bold enough and lack visual impact, but she does give people a fairy-like feeling.

167cm Charlot

As an elf sex doll born on Christmas Eve, Charlot is better at bringing joy to people. Charlot likes Christmas very much. On Christmas day, she will put many gifts under the Christmas tree, wear Christmas clothes, and dress up as a bunny girl. Her 167cm body has very strong muscle lines, which is very rare in daily life. Everyone has different tastes. Customers who like bodybuilding will be crazy for Charlot. The well-defined figure exudes a sense of strength, while the tenderness of the face well neutralizes the strong impact of the body. The image of an elf and her unique figure make people have a unique feeling about her.

166cm Mallika

Mallika, a Tulip Elf, always holds a bunch of tulips. She has bright light blue eyes with dark purple pattern painted around them. When she stares at you, you will be attracted to her uncontrollably. Buy Mallika as a Halloween gift. Let her return to the eerie atmosphere of Halloween and release her evil power. If you want to transform her, maybe you can dress her up in another style.

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