Suggestions for Storing Sex Dolls

Scientifically storing sex dolls is very important to prolong her service life. When you receive your beloved sex doll and look at her delicate face and graceful figure, you must hope that she can accompany you forever. Below, we will provide some suggestions for storing sex dolls.

Lay Your Doll Flat

There is only one key point in laying your doll flat, that is, don’t lay her on the hard surface.

No matter whether you let your doll lay on the bed or on the floor, you should put a cushion, a quilt or a pillow under your doll’s body. It will prevent her back curve (especially her buttocks) from being deformed by her own weight for a long time. Especially for the TPE doll, once her body is deformed seriously, it will never rebound.

You can also buy slow rebound foam, commonly known as memory foam. this kind of foam can generally be bought in large shopping malls or bedding stores. Moreover, there is another economical way that you can add a pillow at the waist and behind the thighs of your sex doll. The doll’s hips can be elevated by the pillow, so that the hips will not be deformed seriously.

Hang Your Doll up

Hanging dolls is one of the scientific storage methods. When the doll is hung, no side of her body will be squeezed by the weight of the doll herself. If there is a strong load-bearing wardrobe, hanger or other shelves in the home, you can consider hanging your sex doll.

The hanging methods of dolls from different brands may be slightly distinct. It is recommended to consult the customer service in advance so as to avoid unnecessary damage. If there is no suitable hanging position at home, it is recommended to buy a pulley hanger online to hang your own sex doll.

Don’t Let Your Doll Stand Long Time

Let the doll stand in a corner of the house is a storage method that many new customers often adopt. In fact, most sex dolls can’t stand for a long time!

Even some high-end Japanese brand dolls are not allowed to store by this way. The manufacturers will especially emphasize that their dolls can only stand for a short time. The standing function of the doll is actually designed to meet the needs of customers for taking photos and posing, not to solve the storage problem.

The raw materials of TPE dolls are very soft. When the dolls stand, the weight borne by the dolls will directly fall on the soles of the feet. Therefore, it is very easy to cause the soles of the feet to tear, and even the metal skeleton to pierce the hanging soles.

Don’t Sit for a Long Time

It is also wrong to let your dolls sit for a long time. Even if the sex dolls sit on the soft sofa for too long, they will be damaged.

When the sex doll maintains a sitting position for a long time, her hips will be cracked due to the weight of her upper body and the compression of her thigh flesh for a long time. If you keep the doll sitting, please limit time to 1-2 days. After sitting for 1-2 days, please lay her flat or hang her up to ensure that the doll’s body is not under any pressure.

Pay Attention to Being Dustproof

No matter what kind of storage methods, the dust proof must be done. At ordinary times, you should cover the doll with a colorfast cloth, quilt or blanket, which can reduce the chance of adhering hair dust to the doll’s body. In addition, it will be easier to maintain and clean regularly.

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