Dress up Your Sex Doll(1)

If you buy a real adult doll online, you must want to dress up her and make her into your unique doll. She can become different roles and have different styles by personalized dressing.

Identity: aristocratic lady, beautiful princess, vigorous schoolgirl, etc

Occupation: teacher, police, nurse, office clerk, etc

Character: passionate, reserved, lovely, and so on

Relationship: daughter, sister, girlfriend, wife, etc

Any sex doll is nude when leaving the factory. For buyers who like to dress up sex dolls, it’s best to choose those dolls with wig not implanted hair. Each doll’s head and body are fixed. You can match her with different wigs, eyeballs, clothes, accessories, and shoes according to your preference.


Wigs include long hair, short hair, curly hair, straight hair with various shapes and colors. There are three kinds of wig materials on the market: ordinary synthetic hair, high-temperature fiber hair, and human hair.

Ordinary synthetic hair is cheap, fixed in shape, slightly poor in quality. It is also difficult to care for and easy to be damaged.

High-temperature fiber hair is made of Kanekalon fiber which is a thermostable Material. it can be curled or straightened by electronic hair stick under 120 degrees Celsius. Generally, the suitable temperature is around 70-90 degrees Celsius. in additional, please pay attention to high temperature when you curl or straighten hair because it will do harm for hair.  This kind of wig is not available for dyeing. Because there is no hair squama to keep the color for a long time and hair cream rinses can’t be washed inside the wig cap. Its price is moderate, and it is mostly used for cosplay.

The wig made from human hair is super soft, smooth, light weight, no shedding and no tangle. you can use heat styling tools such as blow dryer or irons.

Wig Wearing Steps:
a.Comb gently With specialized comb;
b.Fix The wig Cap by The Buckle;
c.Spray wig care solution and Style Wigs Hair in your favor.

Wig Clean and Care:
Firstly, make wig straighten out, put a little shampoo in cold water, and then put the wig into the water and soak for 5-10 minutes. Secondly, gently press wash the wig, then rinse well with water, dry with a towel after water dry naturally. Finally, spray a little point of care solution on your wig.

At present, the largest sex doll in the market is about 170cm, and the smallest sex doll is about 60cm. There is little difference between the heads of sex dolls over 140cm. Their head circumference is basically the same as that of normal people. As long as it is a wig that a real person can wear, a doll can wear it. The head circumference of the sex dolls around 120cm is only about the size of children. There is a tightening band behind the wig, which can adjust the circumference of the wig very conveniently. A 60cm doll has a smaller head circumference. You should communicate with the seller in advance and ask if you can customize a wig. It is recommended to buy straight hair style directly when buying sex dolls so as to style their hair by yourselves.


The difference between the quality of the eyeball depends on the material, followed by the iris color of the eyeball. The eyeballs of most dolls can be replaced, because when designing real adult dolls, there is a device in the eyes to fix the eyeballs on them, and the eyeballs can rotate in the device.

The eyeballs of the TPE head is easy to replace. Use two fingers to open the sex doll’s eyes, gently pull out the old eyeballs, and then install the new eyeballs. On the contrary, the silicone head is hard, and the eyeballs can only be taken out by using special tools, which is difficult to operate and easy to damage the sex doll’s eyes.

If you think it is inconvenient to change your doll’s eyes, you can make your love dolls wear color contacts. It saves money and is convenient. The way that sex dolls wearing color contacts are the same as people do. Eyes are the window of the soul. A pair of special eyes undoubtedly make your sex doll special and dazzling.

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