Dress up Your Sex Doll (2)


Makeup is an important step to dress up your love doll. There are two types of real sex doll heads: silicone head and TPE head. Makeup is fixed when the sex doll leaves the factory. Certainly, their makeup is designed by professional designers.

The makeup of TPE head is relatively simple. Generally, there are only eye makeup and lip makeup. Due to the weak adhesion of TPE face skin, the makeup will fade after long use and frequent cleaning. You can consult the customer service whether there is makeup repair service.

On the contrary, the makeup of the silicone head is quite fine. Almost the whole face will be made up, and even some are fine to capillary markings. The special pigment used in the silicone head will not drop after cleaning, but pay attention not to be worn. The wear of makeup in silicone head is irreversible.

Nowadays, many people make up their sex dolls in order to pursue individuality. Most of them use their own cosmetics. Here, we should pay attention to the dyeing problem. The cosmetics people usa are aimed at human skin. Human skin adhesion is strong, but the doll’s skin adhesion is poor. Human cosmetics just can be kept for a short time in sex doll’s face. However, there are also professionals who use special paint to make up real adult dolls. You can also find the doll makeup artist online.


Doll’s costume is the most intuitive part of the doll’s personality. The body size of the real love doll is almost the same as that of the real person. You can easily buy different styles of clothes to dress up your love doll. There are several types of doll’s costume:

Daily Clothing
This kind of clothing is the most common, that is, the clothes and pants we wear in daily life. We can buy them online and offline, and there are many styles.

Professional Clothing
Professional clothing is uniform, such as uniforms of nurses, police, soldiers, waiters, secretary, etc. These clothes can be bought to set the occupation of your love dolls.

2-D World Clothing
Cosplay clothing, Lolita clothing, Japanese school swimsuit, etc. Those who choose this kind of clothing are generally anime enthusiasts. 2-D world costume is basically custom-made.

Sexy Clothing
Bunny girl, bikini and sexy lingerie all belong to this kind of clothing. They are sexy and hot. After wearing them, they can increase stimulation in both vision and touch.

Selecting clothes is based on the height and size of sex dolls. Dolls over 150cm can wear adult clothes. Children’s clothes can be considered for dolls around 120cm. Clothing of dolls around 60cm can be found in the shops specializing in doll clothing. The dolls’ size of different manufacturers may be distinct, so the only way is to buy clothes online and try them on.


Buying dolls’ shoes should be based on the manufacturer’s size. Each doll’s foot shape is different, so you still need to buy shoes online and try them on. In terms of collocation, you should match shoes with the clothing style. Sex dolls should not stand long after wearing shoes, which will cause great damage to them. Here you can see my previous articles Suggestions for Storing Sex Dolls.


Accessories include hats, hairpins, rings, necklaces, bracelets and anklets. There are also accessories on the clothing, such as brooches, corsages, badges and neckties. You can also buy some props, such as those held in the hand and those carried on the body. These also need to be matched according to the settings of your sex dolls.

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