Sex Doll: Not Only For Physiological Need

When it comes to sex dolls, the first reaction of most people is related to sex. But in fact, those customers who buy sex dolls are sometimes more for an emotional need. In addition to the meaning of sex products, sex doll has a large share of the market in the spiritual level of demand.

Have you heard the story of a Chinese netizen and his real doll Butterfly? This Chinese netizen is a patient who has been diagnosed with an incurable disease, and his life may end at any time. He is full of desire for family, but he could not marry and have children like general people. Therefore, he buys the real doll Butterfly to accompany him as a family member. He treats Butterfly as his daughter. They have dinner, play games, and take the subway together. The netizen also posts their photos on Weibo, which shocks and moves many other netizens at that time.

Although the lifestyle between this netizen and his real doll has caused a lot of controversy, most netizens show their understand to him as he doesn’t hurt anyone.

It happens that there is a similar case.

In China, a man who is over 60 years old spends more than 10,0000 yuan to buy 11 silicone dolls and puts them at home to accompany him.This man has some serious emotional damage. He believes that these dolsl could give him an irreplaceable sense of security. Compared with the real person, these dolls can stay with him all the time.

Do you think that only males will buy real dolls? In fact, more and more females are also interested in real dolls. There is a voice actor named Taobao who buys a real doll and named her Sweet. They have the same hairstyle, take photos, eat and sleep together every day.

Actually, what they behave is very similar to our playing with dolls when we were children.

For some patients with social phobia or those who have difficulty communicating with outsiders, they want a real doll to be with them just for the sake of not being alone.

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