How to Hide Your Sex Doll?

Many sex doll customers who want to buy real dolls always encounter a problem: how to hide a life-size dolls. It is no less difficult to hide a real doll than to hide a person at home. In fact, there are skills to hide real dolls. What are the good ways to hide them?

Buy a Mini Sex Doll

Mini sex doll is light in weight and easy to maintain, clean and store compared with the realistic full-size doll. You can easily hide your doll in the wardrobe. More importantly, you can even pack and carry your love doll when traveling.

Buy a Storage Box with a Lock or a Large Suitcase

If you want to buy a full-size doll, you can consider this method. You can put your real dolls directly into the storage box and lock it. It is very convenient and hidden, and it is equivalent to an extra piece of furniture at home.

Buy a Sex Doll with Detechable Legs

You can remove your detechable love doll and put her directly into the suitcase. You can take it away whether you are moving or traveling.

No matter which method is used to hide the doll, it will be harmful to the service life of the doll. The best way to store your doll is to hang her up. The best advice is to hang the doll in the closet and lock the closet.

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