What Attribute Can Real Dolls Have?

What attribute can real dolls play? There is no doubt that the demand for real dolls has increased many times over the past decades. Today, with the launch of the latest technological sex dolls, men are crazy about them and collect them in large quantities. This directly indicates men need love dolls to meet their different body needs. In addition, it can be said that as the demand for dolls keeps growing, the number of doll buyers is also increasing rapidly. It can be seen that these doll buyers are classified into different categories, and the reasons of each buyer are different. For doll customers, dolls play the roles of family member, collection, working model or just sexual product.

The Role of Family Member

Some men have incomparable love and affection for their daughters, but they are not happy. Therefore, to satisfy their desire for love of their daughters, they bought dolls and used them as daughters. Like fathers, buyers protect them, take care of them, buy new clothes, etc.
Separation from long-term marriage is a very painful task. People feel relaxed and depressed. As a result, most doll buyers are divorced men who seek happiness, sexual satisfaction, and doll enjoyment. Married men who are unhappy with their sex life are also the most popular real doll buyers.

The Attribute of Collection

Don’t be shocked. As we all know, women are the biggest buyers of these dolls. The girl’s love for Barbie needs no introduction. There are almost no girls, she does not like Barbie. However, some women are crazy about these dolls and like to collect them to commemorate their love for Barbie.

The sculpting and skin details of dolls are perfect. Some doll customers collect these dolls as art. Now many doll brands have produced a series of exquisite silicone dolls based on virtual mobile game characters. One of the famous doll brand tapping into the highly popular video gaming niche is Gamelady Doll. It is inspired by reputable characters’ from mobile games, such as Tifa and Aerith from Final Fantasy 7, Mama and Lockne from Death Stranding, Ciri from The Witcher3, etc. Their dolls are deeply loved by game lovers, and many customers buy their dolls as collectibles to express their love for the game characters.

The Role of Working Model

Sex dolls can be excellent models for artists to paint and design. These realistic dolls can help artists draw human bodies without hiring models. Do you remember the art room where artists formed a circle and drew a naked person in the center? You don’t need to hire a naked woman to be your model, because you have a lifelike sex doll. You can place your love dolls in any position, so that you can draw and design very realistic drawings without actual mannequins. The possibilities are endless. Sex dolls will definitely improve your art skills of drawing people.

Sex dolls are also an amazing photographic theme. Most of the more expensive dolls have very realistic faces and bodies with accurate proportions. If you like something special, you can choose fantasy sex dolls. You can place them anywhere you want, because they have a metal skeleton under them, and you can move and position their joints. These joints lock in place, giving photographers the opportunity to practice their photography skills with models that they have complete control over. If you plan to take pictures of your dolls, make sure you get a doll with standing feet for more posing options.

The Attribute of Sexual Production

Men who are always thinking about sex are the most popular buyers in the world. These types of buyers already know the craziest fantasy of buying dolls in large quantities. Despite the fact that most customers of sex dolls are single men, sex doll can be beneficial when applied to partner sex. Using them will improve your participation during your lovemaking. You can do things with sex dolls that your partner won’t let you or you don’t agree with. Then you will be a satisfied and happy man who made your fantasies come true.


First of all, real doll itself is a beautiful and exquisite work of art. Then it becomes a product with multiple attribute due to the different demands of buyers. They can be applied to various scenarios and can meet various needs of customers. People don’t think paper towels are dirty just because they can be used to wipe their butts, so please don’t feel ashamed of owning dolls just because dolls can be used to make love. Just do what you want to do! Welcome to buy love dolls in Linkooerdoll!

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