Silicone Head on TPE Body: a New Exciting Option

An increasing number of TPE brands are now offering ‘hybrid’ dolls. That means the doll will have a silicone head on a TPE body. There will normally be an extra $200-300 fee for a hybrid doll. Below you can see a few factory pictures of a XY Doll with silicone head Misa and regular TPE body:

What’s good and what’s not about this.

There’re advantages with such combination: the doll owner will be able to simultaneously enjoy a soft and elastic body and a beautifully detailed head (silicone heads still retain an advantage over TPE ones in terms of realism of the details). Silicone heads will also be slightly easier to clean than a TPE one. Last but not least, these dolls generally come with an affordable price-tag.

At the same time potentially interested customers must be aware that the head doesn’t have an oral cavity, is harder than the rest of the body and that there might be a very slightly difference in skin tone between head and body (under certain light conditions for example the head will tend to be a little shinier than the body). If you choose a WM Dolls with silicone head, the options tongue+uvula and teeth kit aren’t available.

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