New Sex Doll Manufacturer Dolls Castle Added to Shop!

Dolls Castle was established in 2016 with the intent of offering the world’s finest lovedolls. Uniting a professional team of designers and manufacturers, it make realistic, lifelike sexdolls that deliver a high-end experience, meeting the needs of distributors and customers all around the world. Its factory offers efficient capacity and strict quality control, and can make custom sexdolls to your specifications. Real sex doll from Dolls Castle can be shipped to customers in North America from USA warehouse.

Elf Sex Dolls

BBW Sex Dolls

Midget Sex Dolls is an authorized supplier of Dolls Castle. Here you can custom your favorite sex dolls, with various options to choose such as hairstyle, skin tone, etc. In addition, other options are possible with the silicone dolls, such as permanently implanted hair, and a particularly detailed enhancement of the skin surface. With this “refining” your silicone doll looks almost like a real woman!

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