How Does Sex with A Sex Doll Feel?

Does sex with a sex doll feel realistic? Is it better or worse than sex with a real woman? Can you kiss your sex doll or try different positions? Many people wonder what the answer to these questions might be. Here we want to describe the different types of sex you can have with your sex doll and what it feels like.

Sex dolls have become increasingly popular recently, which is not surprising. Many satisfied customers are now discovering the joy of sex dolls and are pleasantly surprised by the results. If you’re interested in learning more about the pleasure of owning realistic sex dolls, we’re here to answer all of your questions. Now let’s get to the part you’ve been waiting for.

How does kissing a sex doll feel?

Sex dolls have a soft face and an open mouth. You can kiss your sex doll and it will feel like an authentic loving experience. You can even use tongues! Your sex doll will have soft lips, a tongue, teeth and all the realistic features of a normal mouth. All facial features are based on real women and are adapted to your taste. If you prefer fuller lips, you can adjust your sex doll’s pout. Your sex doll will also have a deep penetrable throat. With a realistic sex doll, you can enjoy all the features of a real woman’s face and neck.

How does touching a sex doll feel?

Modern sex dolls are designed to feel like the real thing. They have soft and smooth skin and are pleasant to the touch. All sex dolls have round squeezable breasts. If you want bigger breasts, you can choose the size you want in the customization options, all parts are modeled on real women. All parts of the body are tailored to your needs, you can find your ideal woman. They have realistic soft perky nipples and you can choose the size. If you want a firmer bottom, that’s also possible. The great thing is that you can decide how you want your sex doll to feel.

How is oral sex with sex dolls?

Oral sex is a satisfying service that your sex doll can provide. Certain dolls can be designed to go deep throating and they all have an open mouth. The only thing you don’t get with a sex doll is the suck of an authentic blowjob. However, you can still get a realistic feel with a little heat and lube. The mouth cavity is a nice tight fit. You should be careful when sexing with your doll’s mouth. Doll’s mouth is delicate and realistically designed, and 100% anatomically accurate.

How does vaginal sex with sex dolls feel?

A sex doll’s vagina is the main attraction. A lot of attention to detail goes into the sculpting of their vaginas. They are always based on real women and are designed to give you authentic pleasure. Having sex with sex dolls feels very realistic. It’s definitely an improvement over masturbation and a more immersive experience.

All of our realistic sex dolls come with a thermal blanket or vagina warmer for even better effect. They retain heat for quite a while, so once you warm up you can keep going for as long as you can. Add lube and try different positions. Sex dolls can be malleable or come in different poses if you prefer. They are very flexible and versatile!

How does anal sex with sex dolls feel?

In addition to a natural-feeling vagina, realistic sex dolls also have anatomically correct anuses. You can also heat them from the back for a tighter feel compared to the front. The sex dolls can simulate the feeling of real anal sex. You can also choose the butt you prefer.

Sex dolls have very realistic behinds, so if you’re into spanking or doggy style, they won’t disappoint. You can choose the size and the firmness you prefer. A sex doll’s butt shakes just like a real girl’s, so you can have a lot of fun from behind too. For example, if you prefer to have sex with your doll like this, you can choose one that comes in a bent over pose.


In short, the answer to the question is that having sex with sex dolls feels very much like the real thing. With advances in technology and manufacturing, realistic sex dolls are more impressive than ever. You can warm them up to create a natural feel, and fashion and accessories let you dress them up however you like. Whichever type you choose, it’s always a good idea to invest in quality if you want a more realistic experience.

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